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Compare and shop electricity rates from several electricity providers in Houston, Dallas and other cities in Texas

Tired of paying more than you should on your electricity bills? Looking for an electricity provider that provides cheaper electricity rates? Well, look no further! We at Shop Texas Electricity strive to provide the cheapest possible electricity rates in Texas. Regardless of where you live in Texas - be it, Houston, Dallas or any other deregulated area, we provide you with electricity rates that are far cheaper than what you are paying currently. We also give you an option to compare electricity rates with other utility suppliers that provide electricity to your homes and businesses.

Switching is easy and there is no disruption in service. Since customers have different needs, fixed rate plans, variable rate plans and or renewable rate plans, we offer our customers the opportunity to choose their electricity plan.

Shop Texas Electricity  works in partnership with select utility suppliers to provide our customers with the best possible rates and service. With our commitment to quality we cater to each of your individual needs.

Shop Texas Electricity makes shopping for electricity in Texas easy. Several areas in Texas including Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi have the power to select their electricity provider.

Shop Texas Electricity, your partner in electricity shopping:

  • Connects you with a wide selection of utility providers in Houston, Dallas and other areas in Texas
  • Offers choice to choose your power company and electricity plan for savings and convenience
  • Shop Texas Electricity partners with select electricity suppliers in Houston, Dallas and other areas in Texas that are known for exceptional customer service and competitive prices


Electricity consumers in Texas today have the most powerful tool that gives them the scope to leverage cheap electricity in Texas.The ever powerful POWER of CHOICE lets everyday electricity consumers to make a discerning choice – the most competitive electricity provider at the most competitive prices – ensuring that they always consume only the cheapest energy in Texas whether it is just for a few months or in the long-run as well.

CHOOSE the right Electric Provider in Houston, Dallas or other cities in Texas

Texas electricity consumers have the power to select utility suppliers. As every supplier offers different type of electric plans– fossil-based electricity, alternative renewable energy resources- and at different rates, Texas electricity consumers have more providers to choose from, in comparison to other states in the country.

COMPARE ELECTRICITY RATES to select the best electricity supplier

It is indeed every consumers dream to find the least priced energy provider. An excellent fail-proof tool that will help in finding a private electricity provider who is least priced is the- comparative method – or the compare electricity rates tool. Here consumers only need to study and compare the electricity rates of the various utility suppliers across the time-lines they are interested in, to find the best priced.

We help you shop HOUSTON ELECTRICITY rates driven by Smart Technology

As more and more consumers switch to smart meter technology, in Houston electricity transmission and distribution too has become stream lined. Losses occurring at all the three stages of electricity delivery have now been contained to a large extent. Additionally the adoption of smart grid technology has also helped consumers to monitor and control their energy consumption on the personal as well as in commercial instances.

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