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Understand Your Electricity Bill

February 28,2015
by dmirza

Knowing the terms on your electricity bill can save a lot of frustration. We’ll give you a quick rundown on common terms, and you’ll be reading your energy bill like a pro in no time!

Understand Your Electricity Bill

  • Base Charge — Flat monthly fee for electric service
  • Current Charges — Amount due for the current cycle (month)
  • Energy Charge — Cost for kWh used
  • Meter Charge — Cost to have your meter read
  • Amount Due — This is the total amount you need to pay, including charges and penalties from previous months
  • Change in Rates — The change in the price per kWh for the month (applies to variable rate plans)
  • PUC Assessment — This fee covers the cost to implement the Public Utility Regulatory Act
  • TDU Delivery Charges — Cost for delivering electricity to your home

These are the most common terms you will find on your bill. There are a lot of other terms that may pop up, but most are related to special circumstances or programs. If you would like a complete list of the terms, you can find them on the Public Utility Commission of Texas’ website. Understanding your bill will help you find ways to shrink it. Whether it’s choosing a new provider or switching to a fixed rate plan instead of a variable rate plan, we can help you reduce your energy costs!

Fill the Gaps in your Electricity Bill Costs

February 23,2015
by dmirza

Are air leaks causing gaps in your bank account? If you don’t have weatherstripping in your home to reduce the amount of air leaks, you could very well be throwing money out of those gaps. Air leaks are quite common in older homes, but they can still crop up in newer homes too. We’ll give you an idea of how to weatherstrip your home and keep the warm air inside your home and the green cash inside your wallet.

Fill the Gaps in your Electricity Bill Costs

There are different types of weatherstripping, but it comes down to “you get what you pay for.” Cheaper felt strips will not be as effective as more expensive rubber seals. The cheaper methods also tend to degrade faster. For example, if you seal the underside of a door with felt and the door opens over carpet, the felt can easily be sheared off. Having a rubber seal at the threshold will stay in place and provide a much better seal.

Doors and windows are the primary places to weatherstrip as air gets around them easily because of gaps between the door or window and their respective frame.The key to effective weatherstripping is not only sealing all sides, but making sure the seal you use compresses when the door or window is shut. This compression squeezes the seal so that it fills all areas of the gap. Once properly sealed, you will find that your home is more comfortable year-round and your energy costs associated with climate control will decrease.

Football Stadiums Turn to LED Lighting

February 17,2015
by dmirza

The recent Super Bowl was quite a shakeup, but not necessarily because of what happened in the last 30 seconds. Actually, it’s because this was the first Super Bowl ever to be lit entirely by LED lights. LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular with the sport because it reduces the electricity usage for lighting by about 75% over the old metal halide lights.

Football Stadiums Turn to LED LightingMinnesota Stadium will be the first newly constructed stadium to use all LED lighting. Mike Lorenz, President of Ephesus Lighting, Inc, said that “…sports and entertainment venue operators have come to understand that LED is the premier lighting solution….” Along with a massive reduction in operating costs, these LED systems offer other benefits over their predecessors. LED lights reach full brightness instantly, rather than taking 20 minutes to warm up. They also don’t generate nearly as much heat, provide a much more even lighting, and require far less maintenance. The lights made by Ephesus offer a lot more illumination compared to the old lights, requiring fewer fixtures to bathe the entire stadium in light.

LED lighting doesn’t need to be limited to big stadiums; you can use it in your own home to reduce your electricity consumption. LED bulbs use about 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs, and they are generally brighter as well. LED bulbs can last upwards of 20 years, so they’ll definitely outlast your old bulbs. They turn on instantly, unlike some CFLs, and they can be use indoors and outdoors in a variety of temperatures.

2015 The Year to Finally Start Saving on your Electricity Bill

January 21,2015

The New Year and all of the resolutions it comes with such as losing weight, quitting smoking, and those other common resolutions. What about finally lowering your electricity bill so that you are not freaking out every time you open it? This year is the moment where you can finally save on your electric bill, and stop worrying about high electricity costs.

Now is the time to switch electricity companies!

The best way to start the New Year off right is to budget effectively. When you switch electricity providers, a lower rate means you will definitely be saving on your electric bill. Paying nine cents versus twelve cents makes a huge difference. If your electricity rate is a penny lower, then that can save the average person’s bill up to $100 dollars a year.

Why should you switch?

Most customers are overpaying for electricity service with the same provider they have been with for years. Others do not even know that they have electricity choice, and options! Use your power to choose and finally find the right electricity company for you!

Choosing an electricity provider to save money in 2015!

Now is the best time to switch electricity providers because the winter rates are obviously lower than they would be in summer. When electricity companies use phrases like “Lock in your rate” they are typically wanting the customer to enter a fixed contract where the electricity rate does not change for the length of the plan.

Beginning of the Year = Lower Electricity Rates!

From January to March is when electricity rates will be lower from low winter demand. Switching retail electricity providers is ideal for this time of the year. Why is the electricity rate so low? Many people do not use their electricity during the colder months over the summer months, especially in Texas. Believe it or not customers pay 13-16 cents during summer and think that is average. Little do they know they can smart shop for electricity, and shop around for a lower rate.

Start the New Year with a lower electricity bill

  1. Determine your electricity needs and whether you need a fixed rate contract or a month to month (variable) plan.
    1. Fixed Rate Plans are best for switching during January – April so that if you sign up for a plan that is during this period, when it is time to renew your plan; you will still see low winter rates.
    2. Month to Month plans are also available if you prefer a contract free plan. These month to month plans prices fluctuate accord to the market. So one month your rate can be 9.5 cents while the next month the rate can be 11 cents.
  2. Don’t be afraid to research different electricity providers and what they have to offer. From Free Electricity Nights, Plans with Bill Credits, or Cash Back Plans there are different types of plans for every type of customer need.

A lower electricity rate puts money back into your pocket!

When you pay less for electricity, the savings you earn can be spent on other things. Electricity shopping done right can put extra money in your pocket. Start the New Year off right with an electricity plan that is best for your home or business.

Energy conservation – New Year’s resolution

January 4,2015
by dmirza

Many of us make different New Year resolution.  This time let’s make one to save and conserve energy.  It will make us put the best effort for the next 12 months to conserve energy.  Shop Texas Electricity supports this thought and gives different ideas to its customers to save money and conserve energy at the same time.  The company offers cheap electricity rates to consumers and business units.  Now, one can enjoy electricity at a reasonable price, save on electricity bills and not worry about spending the hard earned money just for the power needs.

Practice energy conservation method right from the beginning of the year.  Cooling season is already in, we suggest you adjust the temperature of your thermostat to 78 degrees.  Use ceiling fans, but only when you are in the room.  If you have a water heater with timer, set it for your schedule.  Change your lights to LED.  Ensure that any outside lights that you leave on all night are high efficiency bulbs; you can use CFL’s.   Consider getting natural gas tanker water heater, natural gas clothes dryer.  These things do not use electricity.  Always commit to upgrade to a commodity that will save energy.

These simple steps will not only help you conserve energy but also save a lot of money!

Advantages of going green!

December 28,2014
by dmirza

Opt for go green techniques as there are lots of advantages. Home owners and businesses can choose this technique and make a lot of difference to their savings and the environment. Shop Texas Electricity advises its customer to choose go green technique when it comes to electricity use. This helps in cost saving and also gives a healthy environment. There are several options available to make use of this technique. Start using this method and explore the different advantages that come with it.
The initial cost on setting up go green system may be high, but it will pay you in the long run. There will be lot of cost savings by making use of solar panels to create your own electricity. The other advantage is that it will not have any impact on the environment. The green fuel can help stop any pollution or damage to the surroundings and bring about positive changes in home and commercial units.

It is best to use go green method to save the planet, environment and energy. Get lower power bills and yet use this luxury abundantly. Shop Texas Electricity makes it possible for its clients and customers to use cheap electricity and at the same time explore Go Green methods.

Top electric company

December 20,2014
by dmirza

Shop Texas Electricity is one of the top electric companies. This company provides best electricity rates to its customers. It has electricity for both commercial and residential needs. Stop worrying about high energy bills. The company assist you to get the best rates for power, gives reasonably priced electricity. The best part is it has several reputed providers under its wings.

Enjoy this holiday season with utmost joy and fun. Use cheap energy rates with efficient lights this Christmas to decorate your house. Shop Texas Electricity gives the best deals and options to its customers. Get the best gifting ideas from company. When it comes to electric needs, Shop Texas Electricity is the best place to be who are here to serve you.
Different sources can be used to get electricity like solar power, hydro power and wind power. All these sources are available in plenty and give more energy for less price. Use power strips for all your electric lights and wires. It will avoid any kind of fuse that might affect the electrical lines at home or business.
Shop Texas Electricity gives the best service for all the electric needs for both business and residential electric needs.

Happy holidays!

December 13,2014
by dmirza

Festivities and holidays bring in joy and moments of celebration.  Celebrations cannot be done without lights and decorations.  Lights consume electricity.  Shop Texas Electricity is the shop to visit to get value addition to your electricity requirement.  They are here to serve and give you cheap power.  Now you have the power to choose.  Their list of providers will ensure that you get the best rates and plans.  Continue to enjoy the holiday season with cheap electricity.  Decorate the house with lights; make it glittery, stylish and fashionable.  Welcome your family and friends to a warm, bright home during this Christmas.  Make your home the unique one.

It is best to use energy efficient lights to decorate the house during festivities.    It is high time that people stop using the old fashioned bulbs; and switch to LED which conserves lot of energy and reduces power bills.  There is option of using sensor lights and lights with timer which will save on power bills, brighten your house during festivities.

Get the best deals and offers for the festive season.  Ensure your house is all lit up for the holidays.  Bring in warmth and joy this season.  Use the services of Shop Texas Electricity.

Stay warm this winter with reduced power bills

December 2,2014
by dmirza

Christmas is on its way, winter is already in.  There are few states which are experiencing minus degree and the cold is intense.  It is obvious that people will use the thermostat and turn up the heat to keep their home warm.  How about trying out things that will reduce your energy bill? Yet keep you warm during winter.  It is high time that one tries out different techniques to keep the house and oneself warm.  There are simple ways by which one can get the warmth without the use of electricity.


Shop Texas Electricity does encourage its customers to try out things that will conserve energy. It is always best to close off unused rooms; this will prevent cold air to come in and will retain the heat that is generated because of the fireplace or radiator.   Another best option is to set your ceiling fan to rotate clockwise in lower speed; this will make it get the warm air down to you and others in the house.   The concept of changing sheets is very common.  One should use cotton sheets because they are warmer than any other kind of sheets.

For the floor, use rugs and carpets that will add color and style to your house.  This keeps the floor warm and will generate heat.  Use thick woolen socks for your feet, it will get your feet warm and cozy.  Make sure that all the windows are closed so that no cold air comes inside the house.  Drink lot of warm fluids which will keep you warm.  When going to bed at night keep a bottle of hot water on the bed it will make it warm and cozy for you to sleep.

Another option is keep yourself busy and active.  Doing the house chores would generate heat in the body which would keep you warm.  Proper woolen garments would also help.  These are some of the simple and natural ways to keep the house and yourself warmer during winters.  Try these techniques and you will see that it works for the best.  This way you will definitely cut on using the thermostat and will reduce the power bill to a great extent.

It is the willingness of the people that will bring a change when it comes to conserving of energy in any form.  Share your knowledge, be more creative, get the best from the simple things at home and make a difference to the economy and your life.  Save money and save energy in the most simplest of fashion.

Best electricity in Texas

November 28,2014
by dmirza

Power is extremely addictive, electricity is one of them. Shop Texas Electricity gives the best opportunity to its customers to buy cheap electricity. The providers listed with us are genuine and always give the correct rates. Living in Texas has become affordable, due to cheap and best electricity providers. Compare and shop for best electricity provider through us. Get the best deals and save not only on power bills but also on energy.


Winter has already come, and there are appliances that we use to keep our house warm. It is for us to decide, how wisely we want to use electricity. There are simple ways by which we can keep our house warm. Carpet the floor properly so that it will be warm, wear warm clothes, and wear socks to keep the feet warm, while cooking keep the oven door open so that heat spreads in the kitchen. Use the thermostat properly and ensure that frequent switching of temperature does not take place. All these are small simple steps that can be taken at home. This will reduce the electricity bill, or else it will at least monitor the electricity usage in the household.

With Shop Texas Electricity, it has become easy to buy power at ones convenience. There is no worry about excess billing for the usage. Our customer service representatives are always ready to help the customers with any doubts or questions. All the information that is provided is crystal clear, there is no confusion. Be ensured of getting the best electricity deals if you are enrolled with us. There is no worry or tension concerning power bills or usage.

Live in luxury the way you want, yet pay the minimal. Opt from different choices and all will be the best available in the market. Once you start using our services, there is no way that you will go back looking for any other electricity provider company.


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