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20 Simple Tips to Conserve Energy

January 24, 2010
by admin

We have the power to reduce the amount of energy we use without changing our lifestyle. Simple changes around your home will increase savings and help the environment.

Energy Conservation Tips –

  1. It does not take the highest temperature to get hot water from the water heater. Adjust your settings as needed.
  2. Ensure your AC and heater get an annual check up. Change filters regularly. Buy Energy Star appliances they use less energy and save you money.
  3. A change in your diet can save you on cooking energy costs. A shift to a vegetarian diet consisting of fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables would not only require minimal energy but would also be good for the body.
  4. Cut down on your TV time. Read books. This would not only be good on your pocket and – but it would also be good for your overall well-being as well.
  5. The attic is one source of cold temperature during the winter months or hot temperature during summer. You can save on heating or air-conditioning costs by properly insulating the attic.
  6. Reduce hot air accumulating in the home during summer by installing exhaust or attic fans.
  7. Set your thermostat to comfortable levels during winter or summer. Avoid setting it to extremes during these seasons. It would also be good to use a programmable unit so you can set it before and after people arrive in your home.
  8. Avoid making abrupt and extreme changes to thermostat settings. This will only waste energy.
  9. Use energy-efficient CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs instead of standard light bulbs. CFL bulbs last longer and use less energy.
  10. Choose appliances with the Energy Star label to ensure usage of more energy-efficient equipments.
  11. Set your air conditioners to comfortable levels only and avoid setting them to extremes. Your cooling unit’s efficiency will also increase through proper cleaning of filters and regular maintenance.
  12. The location of your air conditioner is important. If placed directly under the sun’s path, the unit will have the tendency to be overworked and would consume more energy.
  13. Keep the sun off your house’s back by planting shade trees to block the sun’s rays from windows and your roof.
  14. If your roof needs to be replaced replace it with a more energy-efficient/sun-reflecting material.
  15. Cover your windows with drapes, this will help prevent cold or hot air in depending on the season.
  16. Front loading washing machines consume less energy and water than standard top-loading units so it would be wise to invest in one.
  17. Run your dryer with a full load. If possible dry your clothes outside.
  18. Turn off the lights when leaving a room will help save a considerable amount of energy in the long run.
  19. Participate in the energy audit/savings programs offered by your electricity company.
  20. Don’t leave cell phones and or laptops on charge unnecessarily.

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