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5 Simple Ways to Save on Energy

September 2, 2010

People have always been shocked to hear about single or even double digit increases in their electricity rates. Even though residents in the state have enjoyed tremendous flexibility from the energy deregulated Texas electricity industry which gave them the power to choose their retail Texas electric company, it always is a wise move for home and business to start slashing down on their electricity bills today. Until the time when really cheap electricity is made possible and available to the public, people should start devising ways how they can save on Texas electricity and the following simple suggestions can them started in this area. Insulate to Regulate One of the highest consumers of Texas electricity in residential homes and business establishments is air conditioning. However, the efficiency of cooling systems tend to degrade with poor insulation in the building or infrastructure – as cool air seeps out, the air conditioning would work overtime to compensate and thus consume more energy. To re-mediate this, ensure that all windows are properly sealed and caulked. Check for wear and tear on weather stripping on doors and check for any fissures and cracks on walls where cool air can leak out. Turn Off When Not in Use   This simple instruction has been taught to people since they were children and the wisdom behind this is simply a practical way of saving Texas electricity – as lighting accounts for about 11% to 15% of your total electricity bills. Simply turning off lights when there’s no need for it can go a long way in reducing your electricity consumption. The same thing is true with turning off your computer monitor when not in use (contrary to what people think, screensaver will not reduce your computer’s energy consumption) as well as turning your computer off during the night. And if given a choice between using a desktop and a laptop, always go for the smaller guy as laptops consume only a fraction of what desktop computers with bulky monitors draw. Let the Light Shine Down on You As mentioned earlier, artificial light can consume up to 15% of your total Texas electricity usage, so it would be a wise move to use the most energy-efficient sources of lighting available. Make use of compact fluorescent lamps to change those old energy-hogging incandescent bulbs. Make use of dimmers, sensors, motion detectors and timers to switch on the light only when needed. Go green and make full use of daylight by opening curtains or using translucent panels to let natural light pass through. Use Your Appliances Wisely Proper use and maintenance of your home appliances can get a long way in saving Texas electricity. You can start by not keeping the doors to your freezers or refrigerators wide open for a long time as you try to sift through the contents. It would be wise to know what you would like to pull out before opening the doors. Use the dishwasher at full load to minimize energy usage. You can reduce usage further by turning off the heaters of your dishwasher and washing machine during its cleaning cycle. Clean the filters of your dryers and air conditioning units at least once a month to increase its efficiency. Lastly, set your thermostat to comfortable levels and avoid using it to extreme settings. Use Energy Efficient Products It may come as a surprise but your old refrigerators, air conditioning units and washing machines can consume a great deal of Texas electricity that would eventually translate to higher electricity bills. It would be wiser and more economical in the long run to change these appliances to more energy efficient products that pass Energy Star requirements. Not only can you save on your Texas electricity usage but your appliances may even qualify for special rebates from the government.

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