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Common types of electricity plans

June 12, 2015
by dmirza

If you find yourself overpaying for electricity then fear no more! If you live in Texas, you should definitely be informed of your choices when it comes to choosing an electricity company. From plans that do not require a deposit, to plans that will have the same rate each month; you as a customer are always at an advantage. Why are you at an advantage? Simply, because electricity providers in Texas will compete for your business.

Common types of electricity plans

Electricity companies all have competitive rates for customers to choose from. Here is a quick overview of common electricity plans companies offer:

Fixed Rate Plans

These plans require a contract. Also for fixed rate plans, by law electricity companies in Texas can require a credit check for enrolling in fixed rate plans. Depending on the customers credit score, a deposit may/may not be required to sign up. Fixed rate plans energy charge does not change during the length of that plan.

Variable Plans

These plans are also called month-to-month plans. The do not include a contract, but may require a deposit based on the customers credit score. The monthly energy charge changes each month, and is not fixed.

Pre Pay Plans

These plans are pay as you go, and need to be refilled once the account balance is low; or else the customer may be without power. These prepay plans require no contract, no credit check, and no deposit.

These are the most common types of plans that electricity companies in Texas offer. For more information please visit our website to compare and shop electricity rates today.

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