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Energy Star: what does it mean for the products we use?

January 11, 2010
by admin

Sustaining the environment is the responsibility of both the customers and the manufacturers. The U.S. government developed the Energy Star program to give customers the power to select energy efficient products. This year, Texans can expect to get a generous rebate for purchasing new energy efficient new appliance under a federal stimulus program. This means you can save up to $315 on a brand new energy-efficient refrigerator purchase.

In use since 1992, Energy Star program helps customers identify products that are energy efficient. If you see an electric stove with an Energy Star symbol it means the product meets very strict energy efficiency guidelines established by this program. Arctic ice is quickly disappearing and protecting our environment is the number one priority for the government. To this effect, collaboration has been sought to include major appliances for the Energy Star program.

Some customers say that the Energy Star labeled refrigerator you are considering to buy from your local store may not be as good as non-labeled product. But if you buy this product you will have the immense satisfaction of contributing towards the environment and still have a gadget that addresses your refrigeration requirements. The official website of Energy Star says that qualified battery chargers use 35 percent less energy, room air conditioners use up to 10 percent less energy, room air cleaners are 35 percent more energy-efficient and qualified TVs use about 30 percent less energy than standard units.  

This small comparison should delight people looking to save money and help the environment. Energy Star rated appliances can help them save valuable dollars as energy savings-something that is very significant in a recovering economy. Buying rated products can also mean more tax savings for you. The government is offering incentives for homeowners who make energy efficient improvements to their existing homes. This is a tremendous opportunity for those who want to change their windows, doors or simply add insulation to their not so new homes. Attractive rebates will be offered once the products are verified by a third-party inspector. 

It is a myth that buying Energy Star rated products will cost you a huge amount of money. Users who have used labeled products say that the difference in price is not very significant. You may only have to pay about 10 to 15 percent more that the standard products. You may have to pay a bit more upfront but the energy savings more than make up for this.

Most people don’t mind paying a bit more to buy energy saving appliances, according to Store owners told the newspaper that people are looking to stretch their dollars and investing in Energy Star rated devices appears to be a good bet for many. Many consumers are tired of the outrageous electricity bills.

 Market trends for 2010 are in favor of Energy Star rated appliances even store owners advise customers to purchase appliances approved by this program. Energy Star ratings are not limited to products only. Three Barton Skyway buildings in Austin, Texas have been awarded the prestigious Energy Star label.

 In November 2009, the EPA announced the construction of the 1 millionth Energy Star home in the United States. According to San Antonio Express-News, Texas has the largest number of Energy Star homes in the nation. San Antonio has 19,000 Energy Star Homes, Houston has 144,000 and the Dallas-Fort Worth area has 103,000 homes.

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