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Google Invests In Wind Power Technology

May 9, 2010
by admin

Green solutions and technologies are needed now more than ever. Yet, many continue to be hard to find and implement on a broad scale. Sustainability efforts from large corporations are increasing, yet our dependence on fossil fuels remains steadfast. Mining and drilling for fossil fuels can be dangerous and costly, and the planet is constantly reminding us that it’s the one paying the price. It’s here that we see plenty of opportunity for clean and renewable energies to become part of the landscape green. With the right funding and investment, renewable energy technology like wind power could help turn the tide when it comes to environmental concerns. Wind power is a clean energy system that converts the planet’s own wind into energy by using mills, turbines, and even airborne kites. The earth’s wind moves the mills that turn the turbines, which converts kinetic energy into electricity that then can be circulated to power thousands of homes. Up to this point, wind power has been a well-known clean energy source but has mostly been underutilized and under funded. However,

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with the web search company Google now investing in the technology, wind power is beginning to appeal to a very broad market. Last Friday, Google made a sizable investment of $38 million to North Dakota based wind farms. These wind farms harness the wind energy of the North Dakota plains to create electricity that can power more than 55,000 homes and does so in a clean and safe manner. Google understands that an investment of this size, in a technology as beneficial as wind energy, can help create more wind farms around the country, create more jobs within this clean energy, and help stimulate the economy. For Google, it’s as much about helping the environment, as it’s about making smart business decisions about the future of this planet. Other corporations like Globetrotters Corporation (a Chicago based engineering corporation founded by C.E.O. Niranjan Shah) and Hewlett-Packard are following in the same footsteps as Google. These companies are coming to the conclusion that investing in green technology and green energy is really an investment in the future of the technology, the planet, and even their own businesses. I guess, it looks like Google realizes which direction the wind is blowing.

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