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Implement Quick Fixes at Home to Save Energy

February 1, 2010

People living in the State of Texas have the Power to Choose which Texas electric company they would prefer as provider for their power. However, getting cheap electricity from certain Houston electric or Dallas electricity providers does not mean the household can do whatever they want and not be considerate in trying to save electricity.

Energy efficient homes practice several energy conservation initiatives like using energy star appliances or changing the way they use electricity in their homes. Such practices can benefit the homeowner not only in terms of reduction in utility costs, but they can also qualify for mortgage discounts as well as contributing to the protection of the environment.

What You Can Do at Home to Save Energy

People can start with the following tips and they will be on their way to being part of the global initiative to conserve energy and other natural resources.

  • Insulate your homes properly - Heating and cooling are the biggest source of electric consumption in the home.  A home that is not properly insulated has extensive heat exchange losses from cracks, openings and other leaks where air can pass through. Proper insulation can save homeowners as much as 10% from their total monthly energy costs.
  • Make your home office energy efficient – More and more people are doing business from home or have telecommute jobs requiring them to set-up an office at home. In the same manner that energy conservation is performed for your other household appliances and other areas in the house, you can have the same practices right there in your home office. Choose computers and other office gadgets and tools that are more energy efficient. Do not leave other appliances that you are not using turned on while working on other stuff. Turn off computer monitor when going on a break instead of using screensaver. Avoid leaving appliances in standby mode as they consume a considerable amount of energy in the long run.
  • Keep you Cooling and Heating settings at comfortable levels — It is not practical to set your heating or cooling systems to extremes, particularly if there are only a few people in the house at a particular time. Set it at comfortable levels and use digital thermostats for better efficiency. Keep your air conditioning and heating systems clean to increase their efficiency. If you plan on having a home office, choose a smaller area instead of using the whole living room.
  • Use energy efficient refrigerators and air conditioners — Air conditioners and refrigerators are known energy guzzlers. Get rid of old and dilapidated units and instead make use of appliances with energy star ratings for better energy efficiency resulting to higher energy savings.
  • Use alternative heating and drying methods — Instead of using appliances for drying dishes and clothes, use air drying on racks for your dishes and utilize the power of the sun for your clothes. Not only can you save on energy but it could also prevent your dryer from emitting at least 500 lbs of carbon gases per year. When cooking, preheat your ovens properly for faster results and avoid opening oven doors during cooking to prevent heat loss.

Simple home improvement practices can go a long way in saving energy right in your very own homes. It only needs constant practice and discipline to achieve better results for the homeowner and his household, not only in monetary savings but in helping protect the environment as well.

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  1. June 25, 2010

    Great Artcile! This would be of great help for many including me who has an office at home. Continue sharing great articles! :)

  2. May 16, 2011

    Great tips that are proven to work!

  3. October 21, 2011

    What we need to do is check various parts of our homes for water leaks or electrical problems as they can be factors as to why we have high monthly utility bills. It is important to maintain the good condition or our living spaces as they keep us safe during bad weather conditions and they serve as reflections of our lifestyles and personalities. As others opt to have home additions to keep with the latest trend in real estate, there are also those who choose to customize their abodes to not only fix them but to improve their quality as well.

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