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Making Electricity Deregulation Work for You

March 29, 2010

The state of Texas passed legislation in 2002 deregulating the retail electric industry, ending the monopolies that have controlled utilities for decades. This promulgation has provided the people the Power to Choose their electrical retail provider, making Texas one of the states that have effectively implemented  this system  making other states follow suit. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial users of electricity or consumers in several areas of Texas can choose their electricity provider. The concept of energy deregulation is a basic process which only involves the proper and wise selection of the utility companies that would provide electricity. There are no changes in the distribution infrastructure required as the switch would not affect existing electrical lines and utilities. What are the Implications of Electricity Deregulation? Energy deregulation has opened up the energy marketplace in the various states that have started to implement the system by legislation. This implies electric companies must compete in the same market as other energy utility companies in the city or state. End users should understand the implications of such changes, enabling them to find the best deals, rates and offerings that any of the several service providers in the state. Making these changes is important, particularly for thriving small and medium businesses that are greatly affected by large electrical expenses and are trying to find ways how to effectively reduce their energy consumption without affecting their business operations and functions. How to Get the Most from the Electricity Deregulation of Texas There so many electric companies and providers trying to compete with each other and selecting the best company offering the best deals would be hard to finalize, much less start. People can use both online and offline resources to investigate and get information about the various providers available which they can choose from. There are some basic considerations that end should take note of, some of which are outlined below:

  • Read the electricity facts label (EFL). How much will you pay for electricity when you use less than 1000 KWH vs. 2000 or more KWh? You want to see a minimum difference. Most apartment dwellers use less than 1000KWh per month vs. home owners who may use more than 1000 KWh per month.
  • Choose a company and plan that has acceptable cancellation fees if you decide to switch plans or providers mid way through your contract.
  • The electric retail company of your choosing should have stable and affordable price rates, which are not affected by pricing abnormalities and sudden price hikes.
  • Cost is not the only factor to consider but the quality of service they provide their consumers, including the manner they resolve complaints and any other customer issues.
  • Not all electricity companies offer online payment, e-bill etc. if this is important to you ensure that your electricity company offers these features.
  • Many consumers get carried away by price per KWh investigate further to ensure the price per KWh is for 1000 KWh and check up on any additional monthly fees and or charges.
  • Comparative shopping for Texas Electricity rates and plans can help you save money.
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