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James from Allen

Great Plans to choose

With Bounce energy, I got great plans to choose from. I selected the one that suited my budget. This helped immensely. The affordable rates and the rewards that the company gave made the experience of getting the services of this company interesting and satisfying. I would recommend others to this company's services.

like James, i too was relatively satisfied with Bounce for most of the first year. then, their rewards program showed its ugly head! the fulfillment company they use sux. entirely tooo many hoops to have to jump thru just to get what they promise you. the customer service department says they will sign you up for one program - then puts you on month to month. actually, they did me a favor because it wont cost me a backout fee to move on to another rep...or, i am getting ready to bounce Bounce!

I can not recommend this supplier as their accounting dept was not very good. We had payments sent directly from our bank and they couldn't find them - but the bank stated sent over 3 days without Bounce finding them in their statements. Customer service also sucked as we had a hard time understanding them. Their English sounded 3rd world.