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Why aren't Commercial rates displayed?
We understand each business has unique electricity usage each month. Therefore, in order to provide you the most customized electricity quotes we need a few more details about your current electricity service. The plan options are super flexible when it comes to commercial electricity; from 6 to 60 months you have plenty of options to choose from.

Please fill out the Letter of Authorization and your current electric bill and email to This will give us permission to review a history of your usage, and provide the best match of custom electricity options for your business. Filling out the Letter of Authorization can expedite your custom electricity options based on how much your business uses.

Business Electricity

Because your businesses electricity needs, are different than others.

As a business owner, shopping for electricity rates is an essential part of your business decisions. A crucial item to consider is getting a customized electricity rate that fits your businesses electricity needs, because your businesses electricity needs, are one of a kind.

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Shop Texas Business Electricity

Top three reasons your business needs a customized electricity plan:

  • Competitive pricing from a variety of companies
  • Flexible fixed rates that you change
  • Savings in monthly bills
  • Predictable bills each month

See, your business is unlike others, therefore getting customized electricity rates that are flexible and competitive, are essential for your company to have. Electricity companies will literally fight for your business, so you have the power to choose which one fits your businesses electricity needs the most. Want predictable bills you can depend on each month? Then simply fill out our form, and tell us about your commercial electricity needs. We will provide you with OPTIONS when it comes to choosing an electricity company.

Step 1: Fill out the form and give an estimate on your monthly electricity usage.

Step 2: A Shop Texas Electricity team member will get in touch with you to provide you a Letter of Authorization so we can get your EXACT usage information to provide you the best electricity plans based on your monthly usage.

Step 3: YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHOOSE! Switch electricity companies and see the savings on your next monthly bill.

If your business has a lot of equipment, machinery, freezers, then you want to make sure you are getting the best rate on your monthly electricity rate. Fill out the form and someone will get in contact with you shortly to start saving on your monthly electricity needs.

Advantages of a low commercial electricity rate

  • Customized commercial electricity rates
  • Flexible term options
  • No interruption to your current electricity service when you switch
  • Easy to read monthly bills
  • Lower rate per how much your business uses
  • Multiple service addresses can be added

Have multiple business locations? No problem!

You can add multiple ESIIDs for your business electricity plan and still get a competitive low rate. We provide customized electricity solutions based on how much your business uses. When you are a small mom and pop business, a medium sized business, or a large industrial sized business; we have a variety of custom electricity plans for you.

Stop worrying about your high electricity bill, and finally make the switch to a lower electricity rate for your business!

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