Corpus Christy Electricity Providers

Before the deregulation the Corpus Christi and the rest of the south Texas area was served by American electric power (AEP) central, a local electric utility company, but after the deregulation residents of Corpus Christi have the power to choose their electricity providers.

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Now when the consumers choose an electric provider from any of the top south Texas electricity companies, AEP will continue to generate and deliver the electricity to your homes and businesses over same poles and wires but the payment bills which you are going to receive is from an electric provider which you opted.

As a resident of Corpus Christi, if you are looking for an electricity service with great electric rates and plans for your new home or commercial place, Shop Texas Electricity is always here to help you. We connect you with multiple electricity providers in Corpus Christy to assist you choose the right electric provider for your home and business needs.