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Electric Choice is when consumers have the power to choose their own electricity company. Residents of Texas including Dallas, now have their electric choice. Earlier, a single electric company was responsible for the sale, transmission and distribution of electricity to both businesses as well as residential customers. Dallas deregulation has come into effect in 2002 and consumers are now able to compare the best rates and services from the different electricity providers in their area.

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Different providers offer different options for electricity. When shopping for electric service in Dallas, it's important to choose an electric provider who cares about your needs. The markets are now broken down into multiple electricity suppliers, each competing for your firm’s business. Competition results in each supplier offering their best electricity rates for consumers in Dallas and throughout different cities in Texas.

Enjoy your right to choose your Dallas electricity company; Shop Texas Electricity can educate you about the Texas electricity supplier’s selection and helps you choose the right Dallas electric provider with best rates and services.