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Texas electric deregulation can save you significant amount of money, because competition and choice can reduce the price you pay for the energy you use. As an electricity customer in Dallas and other cities of Texas you can now choose more reliable, better customer service, and lower rate electric providers competing for your business.

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In addition to saving money, enjoying better customer service, you now have the option if you wish to choose your Dallas, Texas electricity provider based upon the type of power that provider offers. This means the consumers can get their energy from renewable and nonpolluting sources. Now, competition is driving the prices for green energy down, which means providers can offer much more reasonable rates to customers who wish to choose this option.

So if you are a Dallas, Texas energy consumer who cares about the environment, you now have the option to contribute to green energy development based upon your choice of your electric provider. Shop Texas Electricity makes it easy for you to shop and switch your electric service to renewable options and save on your electric costs.