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Texas Electric Choice gives consumers the advantage to shop around for a new Retail Electric Provider (REP) who will provide the best customer service and billing. Texas energy deregulation was aimed at providing energy consumers with more than one option in the form of Retail Electric Providers. So, there are many opportunities for the energy consumers in Texas to save on their high power bills.

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If you are not locked into a contract, you could save money by comparing offers from your current provider and other companies. Some companies offer month-to-month plans with no contract period, and others may offer plans with contract periods as long as a year or more. Fixed rate plans are best for those interested in locking in a long-term price, while variable rate plans which are typically month-to-month are best for people who have the ability to regularly monitor the electricity market and don’t mind switching often.

When you compare choices think about what’s important to you, such as contract terms, deposit, lowest rate, payment options etc. Shop Texas Electricity assists you compare residential and commercial electricity rates of multiple electric providers, so you can lower your energy costs