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The Houston Electricity Choice is part of Houston’s Consumer Choice Initiative aimed at educating and empowering the people of Houston with their power to choose retail electric providers competing in an energy deregulated market. The initiative allows residential, small business and industrial consumers to Shop for Texas electricity plans.

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What Does Energy Deregulation Imply?

A deregulated Houston power market means residents have free options on their energy choice from among the retail electricity providers participating in the City’s Initiative. These companies must meet specific requirements, financial strength, and maintain strict standards in order to compete. Utility reliability is not an issue as transmission and distribution lines are still maintained by CenterPoint Energy regardless of your choice of retail electric provider.

Should your retail electric company leave the market or stops operation, the consumer would be transferred to a POLR or Provider of Last Resort which will handle your power requirements until you choose another supplier.

How Can Consumers Make a Choice?

Making an electric choice is as easy as entering your zip code, choosing your preferred energy plan and shop from among the listed retail electric providers. Consumers can choose among different electricity plans which include fixed rates plan, variable price plan, and a renewable energy source plan which gives consumers the option to choose renewable and environment-friendly electric resources.

Even if you are satisfied with your existing provider, it is important for consumers to explore all their available options in the power market so they can make an informed decision on whether they will choose to stay or switch to a better and much more reliable retail provider.

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