Choose Power - A New Freedom for Many Texans

America is the land of the free and the appreciation for freedom is readily apparent in the Lone Star State. Ever since the deregulation of the electricity market in many areas, Texas has obtained a new freedom: the power to choose your own electricity provider. Texans from Abilene all the way south to the beaches of Galveston now have various options when it comes to electricity. But with so many new retail energy providers, how do you know for sure if you’re getting the best rates?

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The Answer to all of your Electrical Needs

Shop Texas Electricity has an answer to that. We’ve built a website, now more than 7 years old, which groups electricity providers by where they offer their services in proximity to you. If you’re searching for a good electricity company to power your home for cheap, simply log on to and enter your zip code. If you’re having trouble choosing a provider or because you own a business and need something a little more specific, our consultants are more than qualified to assist you. The best part is our quotes and services are free! And who doesn’t like free?

Our Partners

We’ve documented big name providers and green companies like Direct Energy, Green Mountain Energy, and many more all on one page to ensure that you get the best rates possible. Our chart of companies includes their multiple packaged deals by name, varied term lengths, and your approximate annual savings. All of the work is already done and clearly formatted. And we don’t stop there! Enjoy extra online-only perks that we’ve clearly labeled next to your possible savings. Companies like Bounce Energy and Green Mountain Energy offer $50-$100 in gift certificates if you sign up with them. But if you’d rather have free air miles, log on to find out which companies offer them!