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In order to find a good retail electricity provider – one with low rates, exceptional customer service, and convenient products – it is important to do the research first. With comparative services such as Shop Texas Electricity, it has never been easier to make an informed decision in so little time. Not only can you make side-by-side comparisons based on providers serving your area, you can also read need-to-know facts on energy deregulation and tips on how to conserve energy (and lower your monthly bill at the same time!) For residential energy shoppers, be able to search for providers by area and then sort the downloaded list by product name, term, price, or provider – whichever is most important to you! You will still be able to compare each feature but the list will be rearranged accordingly. Your list will also have a column marked “special offer” in which you can find bonus incentives up for grabs such as cash back, plans without deposits, and gift cards from certain providers. For commercial energy shoppers, have a custom-made plan designed for you by our team of experts in conjunction with our partners. We do this because businesses operate differently from one another and thus use different amounts or types of energy. To fully meet your needs, we would rather have you fill out a form (don’t worry, it only consists of a few lines) and have you tell us exactly what you need, instead of having you try to find a plan in a list that might work for you. Should you have any questions or concerns, all energy consumers can reach us via email and we will be sure to respond in a timely manner.

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We wouldn’t stick you with a poorly-reviewed provider. That is why we have carefully chosen our partners – providers like Champion Energy Services, 4ChangeEnergy, Amigo Energy, and more – who have proven their excellence time and time again in the electricity field. Sign up with someone you can trust, and you can find them at Shop Texas Electricity!