Electric Energy – Understanding Deregulation

If you live in Texas and use any form of electricity (chances are you do!) then it is important for you to understand what deregulation means for you. Not knowing is not going to stop you from plugging stuff in and switching things on, but it will change the type of electric service you choose. In the not-so-distant past, the electricity market was largely monopolized based on area. Your business or home was powered by a pre-decided provider to whom you had to pay a set amount for your electricity. There was no such thing as “switching” and these providers could charge steep prices without worrying about customers dropping them. The turn of the century led to the deregulation of the electricity market in many cities throughout America, especially in the state of Texas. Because of the changing laws, electric energy consumers now have the ability to choose their own retail electricity provider, causing a monopolized market to transform into a competitive market. For the consumer, this means prices are driven lower, customer service is improved, and helpful products are continuously added and updated. In an effort to gain more customers, some providers even offer special incentives with services such as free air miles and gift cards. The best way to compare these offers and take advantage of the low rates for you is by utilizing Shop Texas Electricity. We are a comparative service available online that makes finding the right provider quick and easy.

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