Power to Choose – Freedom after Deregulation

The state of Texas has never been one to take its freedoms for granted. In fact, the history of Texas is teeming with them, from its independence from Mexico to flexible laws concerning self-defense and now even to the deregulation of its electricity market. This newfound freedom is only a decade old and has given many Texans the power to choose their own electric provider instead of paying pre-designated prices with monopolistic companies. Shop and compare the best providers in your area with some help from Shop Texas Electricity!

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  1. Log on to www.shoptexaselectricity.com – As an online service, you can access our website from anywhere, with any device or computer, and at any time.
  2. Specify what type of energy you are interested in – When you reach our homepage, enter your zip code in the space provided and select whether you need electricity in your home or business. If you select “Home” you will be shown a list of electric companies along with their rates, plans, terms, annual savings, and bonus offers for you to compare. If you select “Business” you will be asked to fill out a short form with your company’s basic information and energy use, budget, and preferences. We take the info you send us to our partners and work together to come up with several unique plans just for you.
  3. Choose your provider! – Once they have decided, residential energy consumers can enroll with their selected plans immediately by linking to the offering provider’s website directly from the list. Commercial energy consumers can view their offers from the quotes we return, receive consultation, and make a final decision.

It’s just that easy! Get your electricity provided by a trustworthy power company that you can find with Shop Texas Electricity.