Texas Electricity Costs are 5-fold higher than prices during de-regulation

Texas Electricity Costs, according to the latest analysis of regulatory data released by Texas Coalition for Affordable Power, are at least five-times higher than the average electric rates that existed before regulation of fiscal 2012. However, despite the substantial increases in power, the number of complaints filed have dropped drastically says the regulatory authority. According to the data analysis, Texas Electricity Costs increase does not figure high on the complaint list, with majority of the complaints being on the topic of advanced meters. The next set of complaints has been on the hugely controversial policy that does not allow some households to switch from one electric company to the next.

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What is TCA

Texas Coalition for Affordable Power is a group consisting of several cities that seek to promote policies that ensure electricity becomes more affordable for the consumers. The complaints analysis made by Texas Coalition for Affordable Power are based on the review of the compliant made during each fiscal year, to the State’s Public Utility Commission.

Despite the Texas Electricity Costs escalation, the Executive Director of TCAP, Dr. Randy Moravec says that Texas users have become comfortable with the service provided in the state. However, there are concerns that persist. According to Public Utility Commission, the number of electric complaints obtained in 2012 was about 10-percent lesser than those that were received during the financial year 2011. This downward trend was noted in 2010 Financial Year itself, and largely associated with the drop in energy prices resulting from fall in natural gas commodity market. Though Texas Electricity Costs have shown a significant rise, the main focus of complaints has not been the prices but confusion on the contracts, disputes in billing and similar problems.

Decade long deregulation

The electric deregulation laws came into effect in 2002. According to these deregulated rules - electric providers located across Fort Worth, Dallas as well as Houston have the choice of competing for consumer subscription through various offers such as price deals and terms of service. However, not all parts of Texas have competitive subscription scenario. Texas Electricity Costs, though high in the post-deregulation era, do not appear to be the cause of complaints- the first year post regulation saw a jump from 2, 062 complaints to as much as 8,547 complaints in 2002. The main scope of complaint in the present electricity services scenario –is the complaints against legalized protection of some of the accounts without adequate protection for consumers.