Texas Electricity Provider Overview

Texas Electricity Provider offers consumers a wide-choice in the type of electricity one shall consumer or the price at which they will buy electricity. Additionally, the electric choice offered is unique for residential as well as commercial consumers.

Texas Electricity Provider’s offers millions of Texan electric consumers the right to choose retail electric providers who meet their service criteria. The suite of plan options that these electricity providers offer is of high value-added services, which include air-conditioning maintenance as well as a host of reward programs.

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However, if you are already under a Texas Electricity Provider with a long-term contract, then switching providers may not prove to be beneficial.

Earlier there was only one Texas Electricity Provider, who handled all the processes of electricity service- from generation, transmission and distribution as well as retail sales.

Today, in the post-regulation and competitive electricity market, competition has been maximum, leading to several Retail Electric Providers (REPs) or Electric Companies. The processes of providing electricity too have been divided amongst all these companies creating a competitive market environment.

The Retail Electric Providers (REPs) sell electricity, handle customer service as well as take care of billing. They have created a competitive market environment, with varying/competitive pricing options as well as renewable energy provisions. They also provide additional customer service benefits as well along with various incentives.

Not all parts of Texas is open to competition

Texas Electricity Provider competition is not open to all regions of the state. The Public Utility Commission (PUC) has not allowed retail competitors Entergy Gulf States, South Western Public Service Company as well as El Paso Electric Company to offer services. This is because; PUC believes that there is no competition in the market for wholesale electricity and retail competition will not prove to be successful in such areas. In such areas, electricity cooperatives, as well as city-owned utilities can decide on the Retail Electric Providers best suited to their needs.

Digital Smart Meter

Texas Electricity Provider today, also provides an advantage with the use of Smart Meters. These new electric meters will help in the management of electricity use and contribute intelligently towards saving power consumption processes.

Texas Electricity Provider is therefore critical to the pattern of power consumption and also determines to a large extent the quality of the power we use. Both retail consumers in the residential market segment as well as business market segment have found the ‘power of choice’ to be a primary driver to lowering of electricity costs.