Compare Texas Electricity Rates – A Brief History on Oil in Texas

Texas was forever changed with the discovery of oil in 1901. What was first used by Native Americans as a natural folk medicine gave way to oil wells and then to refineries with storage tanks. From the oil fields of Texas grew what continues to this day to be the state’s largest market. One of the most significant changes made to this industry is the recent widespread deregulation. Where at one point many Texans were supplied by pre-determined electrical providers, they now have the freedom to choose their own retail energy provider.

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Why choose Shop Texas Electricity?

Shop Texas Electricity is an online service that allows for Texans with their newfound electrical freedom to shop and compare electricity providers in Texas. Our service is quick and easy to use for both residential and commercial consumers. As far as electricity, the possibilities on Shop Texas Electricity are endless: competitive rates, special offers, long-term, short-term, and no contract plans, free quotes, and 24 hour accessibility are just a few things we offer.

Our Partners

Some of the best providers in Texas can be found here. These are companies that have made a name for themselves by receiving high marks in customer satisfaction like Amigo Energy, Bounce Energy, Champion Energy Services, and many more. Our partners can even set you up with either class fossil-fuel derived energy or alternative renewable energy depending on your preference.