Texas Electric Rate Plans– Comparing Apples to Apples

Comparing electric rate plans in Texas may seem a lot like comparing apples to apples. When you are in the market for electricity provision, every retail electricity provider wants you to “switch and save” with them, and while their offers sound enticing, don’t you feel like they are all offering “the lowest rates” and “the best customer service”? And what about those alternative options you’ve heard about like prepaid and renewable energy? Are they worth it? Well, we think they are and that they may even be the better option for certain consumers, but not for everyone. At Shop Texas Electricity, we have the answers to all of these questions and can help you find the right electricity plan for you !

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Options for Every Type of Energy Consumer

We understand that cheap rates are appealing to everyone, which is why our website showcases some of the lowest rates in today’s market as offered by reliable electric companies. We also understand that options are important, and that consumers are willing to pay a little extra if it translates into something useful like saving the planet. For eco-friendly consumers, we list providers that carry renewable energy at prices that are slightly higher than the traditional fossil-fuel based option but still reasonable (not to mention greener!). For those who worry about price inflation, we display fixed-rate plans in a variety of term lengths so that you can lock in your rates for as long as you like. And for those who cannot stand being tied down, we promote prepaid plans that come free of contracts; instead of paying month-to-month you can pay for your electricity as you use it! Log on at www.shoptexaselectricity.com to discover all of these options and more!