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As a whole, the state of Texas spends more than 20 billion dollars on energy consumption per year – that’s more than any other state in the entire country! You have heard the phrase that “everything is bigger in Texas” and energy use is just one more factor that proves it. Electric companies have definitely noticed this trend, and many have sprung up since the start of deregulation in the state’s electricity market. For end-use consumers, so many providers may cause confusion when trying to decide on electrical service from just one – especially when all providers seem to make the same offers. The good news is that a flooded market causes competition, driving prices down and forcing competitors to make positive changes when it comes to customer satisfaction. This opens multiple options in billing, payment, and types of energy as well as flexibility in plans and updated online features. The better news is that Shop Texas Electricity can help make the most fitting choice clear to you!

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How Shop Texas Electricity Can Help

For residential energy shoppers, Shop Texas Electricity makes it a breeze to access, view, and compare plans. All you have to do is type in your zip code and viola! On the screen before you, you will see a list of the leading providers in your area with their corresponding rates, products, terms, special offers, and your possible annual savings. For commercial energy shoppers, we work with our partners in order to come up with business solutions that will adhere to your particular company’s energy needs. This process starts (and can even be expedited!) the moment you send us the completed form found under the tab on our website marked “Business.” With our advice or on your own you will be able to compare several quotes. Don’t forget to browse our site and take advantage of our other supportive features!