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If you want to save money on car insurance you would go to an auto insurance comparison website. If you want to save money on your next flight you would compare airfares at an airline comparison website. But if you want to save money on electricity, you should go to www.shoptexaselectricity.com. At Shop Texas Electricity, you can save up to $1000 a year just by signing up with one of our partnered electrical companies. And you don’t even have to do the math because we have already done it for you! We conveniently record the amount next to its corresponding plan on a list where you can also view several residential plans’ rates, terms, providers, and special offers so that you don’t have to go searching high and low. For commercial energy plans, we use a single form for you to fill out in order to obtain numerous free quotes that you too can compare all at once. This form will provide us and our partners with enough information to create a customized energy solution that will suit your company. And we don’t just give you all of this comparable information for you to choose from; we will also personally aid you in your decision by allowing you to consult with one of our experts whenever you need advice. There isn’t another comparative website for electricity that goes the extra mile quite the way we do.

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At Shop Texas Electricity, we’ll even show you what other customers have said about retail electric providers they have used in the past! Be sure to follow the links to our Facebook and Twitter pages to get real-time opinions from more users and share your own thoughts.