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Energy consumption in the Lone Star State is no small matter. Texas is well-known for both producing and consuming more than any other state in the entire nation. Living or working in Texas, these facts seem obvious what with our massive population, large number of industries, and our weather’s tendency of reaching especially high temperatures. There are various ways to make energy use in Texas more efficient, but there is only one way you should use to find rates that will lower your electricity bills and that is with Shop Texas Electricity. We are a comparative service of retail electricity companies offering residential and commercial energy in Texas. Think of us as your one-stop shop for accessing different types of plans, terms, providers, rates, special offers, and more all at one time! Have your options quoted or listed depending on whether you need commercial or residential energy for easy comparison. Ask our experts for advice and read customer reviews to help you decide!

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Shop Texas Electricity has teamed up with some of the most experienced retail electricity providers in Texas. These are names like 4Change Energy, Amigo Energy, Cirro Energy, Powerhouse Prepaid Energy, and several others! These are respected companies that we have made sure meet certain requirement such as financial stability, but are at the same time varied enough to give you every option reflected in today’s electricity market. So, if you are interested in alternative energy provision, you will be able to find plans with prepaid and renewable energy. You will also come across providers that offer everything from extremely low rates to paperless billing, and from online account management to surge protection! Find what you are looking for and more on our website and use us as a portal to great savings!