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Anyone and everyone who needs electricity provision in Texas should run, not walk, to the nearest computer or electronic device that receives internet! (In retrospect, we realize our advice is silly since the only way you are reading this is because you are already online. We just want to get you as excited about our free comparative services as we are!) At Shop Texas Electricity, you will be able to easily shop and compare different providers and their plans, rates, terms, special offers, and estimated savings all at once. With us, you’ll even have access to professional consultation, customer reviews, informative blog posts, expedited services, and more!

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Our Partners

At Shop Texas Electricity, we have a set of standards that retail electric suppliers must meet in order to become our partners. When you enroll with any of our listed or quoted electric companies, you can be sure that your new provider will have:

  • Financial stability – All of our partners are financially backed for your security and the safety of your purchases.
  • Competitive pricing – Electricity rates are always changing, but our partners fight to lower their prices.
  • Payment options – Pay your bill online or over the phone. Most of our providers will take various payment methods in their locations and some even still accept snail mail.
  • Clear invoices – Know what you are paying for without the fear of overcharges!
  • Online account management – Many users see this modern amenity as a must-have option, and all our partners offer it!
  • Alternative energy options – You may not see renewable plans listed by every provider because they tend to be a bit pricier, but if you would rather make a green selection, all of our partners have a few options for you on their own websites.