Management team

Rubab Mirza- President and Founder is the founder of Shop Texas Electricity and has been the driving force behind the Company’s vision and sales execution. Recognizing the deregulation of retail energy as a watershed moment in the economy, Rubab developed a solution to address this opportunity in 2009. Rubab is now working on launching to help consumers in North America compare and shop energy plans. Rubab is a graduate of University of Southern California and lives in Houston TX.

Inam Naqvi is one of the co-founders and Chief Technology Officer of Shop Texas Electricity. He is responsible for leading all online operations for Shop Texas Electricity. Inam has over 20 years of information technology experience. Prior to founding Shop Texas Electricity Inam served in various IT roles with Compaq, Delta Airlines and Image Technologies.

C Nasir is Vice President of business development for Shop Texas Electricity and is responsible for all sales and marketing initiatives for Shop Texas Electricity. Nasir has nearly 25 years of extensive business development, sales and marketing experience in the retail, and automotive industry. Prior to joining Shop Texas Electricity Nasir served in various sales and marketing roles with Orion Marketing, American Holding corporation and Credit Solutions.

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