MXenergy is one of the largest retail natural gas and electricity supplier in North America, serving almost half a million customers in 41 utility territories and 14 states as well as two provinces in Canada. It was founded in 1999 by Jeffrey Mayer, who is the company's Chief Executive Officer and President, to provide natural gas and electricity in the deregulated energy markets. The company offers customers innovative ways to power their homes responsibly and offset energy consumption and emissions.

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The company is the proud member of the Chicago Climate Exchange and an Energy Star Partner, placing a strong focus on environmental and sustainability issues. They offer unique fixed rates and variable natural gas and electricity plans to their customers along with the best customer service in the industry. They offer Carbon Offsets and renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to help their customers become 'Carbon Neutral'.

MXenergy makes energy simple and affordable and offers their customers real protection from energy price increases. They offer a variety of fixed and variable rate options that the customer can choose from. They provide every detail of the energy plan even before the customer signs up!

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