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Timothy from Bacliff

Less bill amounts during holidays

During the holiday season my electricity bills increased quite a bit. A friend of mine suggested Nueces Electric and I switched to this provider. They helped me reduce my bill during the holiday season and all year long with affordable rates. This helped me save money that I can now use to buy gifts for friends and family.

The last time car companies were nedeed to make a specific vehicle was when production shifted from cars to tanks during WWII.1 But even then it was neither required nor was it easy to do. We do not live in a dictatorship. As as result it is unlikely that companies will ever be "compelled" to make particular vehicles. Additionally, as long as the owners of car companies also own oil companies it is unlikely that production will readily shift away from oil fueled vehicles.2 The US will need a more fundamental shift in values for such a transition to take place. We have to come to appreciate the hum of efficiency over the roar of power. We have to realize the difference between needing to travel hundreds of miles and just being anxious about it. We have to accept that going to a gas station is not a social activity but a chore. We have to appreciate that plugging a vehicle in overnight when we don't have to attend to it and we don't have to make a special trip for fuel is OK. We are not there yet, or at least most are not.