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Compare and Shop Residential Electricity Rates & Plans in Texas

If you have ever searched for or are currently searching for an electricity company in your area, you may have noticed that your favorite search engine was able to pull up quite a bit of them. This goes to show that there are numerous retail electric providers out there, and with so many out there, how do you know you are picking the right one? In fact, how do you even begin to do all the research before making your selection? What you could do is open a new tab for each and every provider’s website and individually locate plans with their pricings (you might want to pull out a calculator at this point, to figure your savings), look for terms and types of energy offered, and then go through each company’s Face book and Twitter pages in the hopes that you will stumble upon a special discount or deal. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Or, you can simply log onto, enter your zip code, and have it done in minutes! At Shop Texas Electricity, we provide residential & commercial electric comparative service that is free of charge and easy to use! Once you have entered your zip, a single list of electric providers will pull up with all the information you need to make an informed decision. Be able to view plans, prices, terms, estimated savings, and bonus offers all on one page! Should you need a little background over a provider, just click on the provider’s logo and read a snippet of the company’s info. And if you still cannot decide, feel free to email us straight from our website and one of our experts will respond with additional information and advice. As soon as you make a choice, you can click to purchase from the list and be linked right into the payment process.

Compare and Shop Electricity Plans

The great thing about Texas energy deregulation is that consumers are offered a wide variety of options in choosing the electricity services for their homes or apartments. Shop Texas Electricity is at the forefront of helping consumers make the right choice not only in what type of retail provider to choose, but also in the payment schemes or pricing methods they choose to pay their utility bills.

Consumers can choose from various fixed rate plans, indexed rate plans, variable rate plans or even pay-per-use power options – whatever would fit the consumer’s lifestyle, budget and preference. With Shop Texas Electricity, consumers are assured of getting the best available information that will help them decide which residential plan to choose when they compare and shop energy in Texas.

We Have Commercial Energy Solutions Too!
If you are looking for commercial energy, instead of filling out multiple requests for a possible solution from several providers, fill out a single form with Shop Texas Electricity and we will work with our partnered providers to come up with a unique plan specific to your company’s electrical needs. We can even expedite this service for you!