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The site in which the current city of Carrollton, Texas is located was part of the original Peters colony grant when early settlers William and Mary Larner made it their home. Soon other families, mostly from Carrolton, Illinois from which the Texas city probably derived its name, moved to the place establishing it as a residential landholding. It started out as an agricultural site but eventually grew its industrial significance with the construction of the Dallas-Wichita Railroad passing through the area.

The Carrollton community eventually grew further and was officially incorporated in 1913, slowly emerging prominence for its gravel industry, brick plants, dairies, National Metal Products and other medium and small business establishments. After World War II, the suburban population grew tremendously and new major industries emerged: food packing; auto-parts distribution; semiconductor, electronics, and computer manufacturing – while maintaining a working cattle ranch and other remnants of frontier living. Since then, Carrollton has been named one of the best places to live in by Relocate America and Money Magazine.

The implementation of energy deregulation in Carrollton provided people with the power to choose their electricity service providers, with Carrollton electric companies selling electrical power to the public in an open and competitive market. The city however, has maintained its advocacy to protect the environment by being one of the first Texas cities to acquire Renewable Energy Credits or RECs, providing tax credit incentives for companies installing and operating renewable energy systems.

This is in line with the city’s drive to mitigate carbon footprint within its communities and to offset electricity production with the use of coal, petroleum and natural gas by encouraging the use of sustainable and environmental-friendly sources of electricity particularly in energy deregulated areas. Not only can Carrollton consumers enjoy significant savings from their utility bills but their energy choice makes them a significant part of the efforts to protect the environment.