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Fort Worth

The city that has come to be known as Fort Worth used to be an Army outpost way back in 1849 and was among the line of ten forts that marked the Western Texas frontier established by Major General William Jenkins Worth during the American-Mexican War. General Worth was a decorated and well respected U.S. Army General who was known as a hero of three wars. Unfortunately, he died from cholera during the war, and the U.S. War Department named after the general the outpost overlooking the Trinity River at Clear Fork.

Since then Fort Worth evolved from being a small, sleepy outpost to a thriving and bustling town along the Chisholm Trail, and then later on to be the trading and cattle center of Texas, earning for itself the moniker the “City of Cowboys and Culture”. Aside from that, Fort Worth is known in the energy market for its more than 1000 natural gas wells from where most of the electricity that powers the city’s residential and business areas is generated from.

Compared to coal and nuclear power, natural gas is one of the most costly electric resources due to its inherent nature and close association to petroleum deposits. In an energy deregulated market, this would result to constantly changing rate charts and natural gas prices among the various Retail Electric Providers servicing home and business establishments in the city.

Although there are several energy sources used for electricity in the city and the state such as coal, nuclear, solar and crude oil, natural gas is preferred by many electric producers due to its abundance and ease of distribution to power stations. Consumers have the power to choose among the several Fort Worth electric companies; however they need to have a clear understanding of the market and the system implemented by each of these companies. In this case, consumers can get the best pricing schemes where they can receive significant savings as well as other incentives and special offerings by these retail providers.