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Grand Prairie

There were a lot of confusion as to the correct name of the site that would be later called the city of Grand Prairie, Texas during the first few years after it was established. Originally named Dechman after Alexandar McRae Dechman who purchased the land with his oxen, wagon and 200 dollars, the US Postal Service mistakenly named its first Post Office in the area as Deckman due to unreadable writing in the application forms. The T&P Railroad on the other hand named this area between Fort Worth and Dallas as Grand Prairie based on maps that indicated the area as "the grand prairie of Texas".

To avoid further confusion, the Postal Service eventually named its station as the Grand Prairie which stuck until its incorporation in 1909 as a city of Texas. The city eventually emerged as a primary center for the aviation and defense industry and was the production site of popular warplanes used during and after World War II such as the P-51C, the K Mustang, the F-8 Crusader and the A-7 Corsair II.

Now, the city is a bustling community of fun and relaxation, ideal for residential and small business ventures and is home to more than 168,000 people all enjoying the hometown atmosphere exuded by the place. Aside from being energy deregulated, the city government of Grand Prairie promotes energy saving programs and practices for the various establishments in and around the city. Government agencies such as the Housing and Neighborhood Services Department are moving towards the more efficient hybrid cars for their staff vehicles.

Part of these programs include time traffic signals, the use of alternative power sources such as the use of naturally-occurring methane gas, and the use of windmills to generate electricity. Funds were received by the Police Department coming from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant of the Department of Energy to improve facilities for better energy management, use of photovoltaic energy systems, and other green energy education programs. Aside from that, residents are trying out the new pay-as-you-go electricity meters which not only provided them significant savings but have also increased their awareness of how much energy costs.