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In the southern tip of Texas lies McAllen, the largest city in the Rio Grande Valley. Before communities were ever built in this place, many travelers have already passed through and explored this area but it was only during the 1740s when settlements began to emerge and started populating the place. However, formal development occurred only during the 1850s at the time John McAllen arrived. He later established a town site named West McAllen, while other settlers developed an adjacent town naming it East McAllen.

The two sites were eventually combined in 1910 and the resulting town was later incorporated into the city that it is now. McAllen flourished and emerged as the business, economic and government center of the Valley and is home to several residential, small business and industrial establishments. The economy was initially based on the agriculture and petroleum industries, but the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement eventually created a foreign trade zone for industrial and commercial activities in the area. McAllen was also named as one of the best real estate markets in the country by Forbes magazine.

Since the deregulation of the energy market in Texas, there has been over 50 independent retail electric providers in McAllen however, not all of these electric companies are reliable. Consumers learned this the hard way when some electricity providers went out of business leaving clients dealing with higher electrical rates, resulting to a financial crisis among some people and communities.

Still, energy deregulation has given consumers in McAllen the power to choose among several electricity providers, giving them the option to make their energy choice based on power rates, length of service, and discount offers among other things. Businesses using commercial energy can find affordable electric rates offered by these electric companies in the same manner that residential users can take advantage of getting the highest savings and the best in quality services.