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There were many cities in the old west that were built around a rail station and the city of Mesquite was one such site. Originally just a piece of land purchased by a Texas and Pacific Railway engineer, the small town prospered and eventually grew and was incorporated as a city in 1887. With an initial economy of farming communities engage in the cotton, corn, hay, and sugar industries, Mesquite rode the suburban boom after the Second World War with the emergence of several residential and small business establishments in the area.

The city continued to grow much further with the expansion and relocation of several businesses availing of the juicy incentives offered by the city government to selected industries. Having a central location and a close proximity to Dallas is a boom to Mesquite, with its populace enjoying splendid employment opportunities as well as the several amenities of urban life and an excellent school system. Eventually, the city became a logistics hub in the Forth Worth – Dallas area with the emergence of several manufacturing and service-oriented industries. Mesquite also became the home of several national businesses aside from being the Rodeo Capital of Texas.

In an energy deregulated power market, Mesquite is at the forefront and proponent on the use of renewable energy resources to generate electricity, particularly with the use of the indigenous shrub mesquite as biomass. The emergence of co-generation facilities in the area that utilize biomass technologies to generate energy is an environment-friendly alternative that generates lower emissions while making efficient use of fuels.

Businesses relocating or expanding in Mesquite can realize significant savings with the use of renewable energy derived from mesquite biomass as part of the city’s economic-development incentive. Residents also have the power to choose retail electric providers promoting this renewable energy choice. This would give them the option to choose electricity plans that would suit their budget and lifestyle as well as an opportunity to protect the environment.