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The Texas and Pacific Railway was a key element in the development of several cities in Texas including Odessa which used to be cattle water stop and shipping point back in the old west. When Ector County was organized Odessa was designated as the county seat, so it was not a surprise when the town was eventually incorporated as a city in 1927 when prospectors struck oil in Ector County. The promising economic benefits that oil was bringing drew in the crowds who eventually came for residential and small business purposes. The population grew much more during World War II when the demand for oil was at its peak during this period.

With an economy driven by the oil industry, the city has taken several steps throughout the years to boost and secure its economic growth should oil reserves be subsequently depleted. The rise of industrial business parks, call centers, distribution centers for national brands, construction, hotels, and the retail industry are some of the development areas that Odessa has embraced. New shopping centers are being built as well as several manufacturing facilities including an armament development site for helicopters used by the U.S. Army.

During its early days, a single electric company was providing power for the consumers in Odessa. This went on until the time when energy deregulation was implemented in the state and in several cities including Odessa. Residents and businesses have the power to choose their retail electric providers as well the option to shop Texas electricity rates and payment plans that would suit their lifestyles and budgets. They can also choose among electricity providers that are flexible enough to provide customized plans for their clients.

Energy deregulation has also made it possible for the city to diversify its energy choice and have taken steps to the development and implementation of green or renewable energy resources. These includes the building of facilities that would cater to wind farms, clean coal plants, solar collectors, biomass, hydroelectric, geothermal and nuclear power -- and give Odessa residents considerable benefits through savings as well as protect the environment.