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The area that came to be known as Plano used to be covered by tall grasses and wildflowers and populated only by herds upon herds of grazing bison. By 1840s, land grants were distributed to settlers who took advantage of this pioneering opportunity. The town grew as certain facilities like sawmills and stores brought more settlers and made this place their home. It was in 1872 however, when the town boomed with the completion of the Texas and Houston Railroads. The town was then incorporated as a city the year after with the locals naming the place Plano which is the Spanish word for flat – a good description of the area’s terrain.

From an agricultural economy, the city grew much further as several large corporations transferred their base locations in the area. A significant part of the Metroplex or the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, Plano became a residential, small business and industrial hub for a diverse array of people and businesses coming from other states and from abroad. Known as an affluent community, Plano was designated by CNN Money as the best place to live in the Western United States in 2005 and the Most Affluent City / Best City to Create Wealth in 2008. Despite all that, residents enjoy the affordable living conditions in the city as a result of low taxes, affordable housing prices and low unemployment rates.

The advent of energy deregulation in Texas gave Plano residents the power to choose from over 20 retail electric providers, giving them the control of their energy choice and how their electricity are priced and paid. Aside from that, the city embarked on a Live Green in Plano project with the aim of teaching and encouraging its citizens to become partners in protecting the environment. This includes sustainability initiative projects like improving their landscapes and homes to make efficient use of electricity and other utilities. Community seminars are taking place teaching residents and business on how their homes and business establishments can become energy efficient and more environment-friendly.