Electricity Rates in San Angelo from Several Electricity providers in Texas

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Approximate savings based on 24,000 KWh of annual usage at
Electricity Provider Product Name Term Special Offer Approximate Annual Savings Price Per KWh  
Terrific 12
12 Months   $528 9.8¢
Champ Saver-12 12 Months   $288 10.8¢
Pollution Free e+ Smart 6 6 Months   $168 11.3¢
Eagle 36 36 Months   $456 10.1¢
Eagle 24 24 Months   $504 9.9¢
Eagle 12 12 Months   $552 9.7¢
Secure Advantage 3 3 Months   $552 9.7¢
Clear Flex 1 Month   $624 9.4¢
Secure Advantage 6 6 Months   $504 9.9¢
Basic Power 12 12 Months   $360 10.5¢
Get More Save More 12 Plan 12 Months   $504 9.9¢
Charitable Saver 12 12 Months   $624 9.4¢
Wise Buy Monthly 1 Month Auto Pay Required $264 10.9¢
Wise Buy 12 12 Months Auto Pay Required $384 10.4¢
Wise Buy 14 14 Months Auto Pay Required $504 9.9¢

San Angelo

The city of San Angelo, Texas had a colorful history with regards to its name selection, beginning with the name Fort Concho that was built in this area during the early frontier days. Home to cavalry and infantrymen, including the Buffalo Soldiers or Black Cavalry, the fort was adjacent to village of farmers and settlers established by Bartholomew J. DeWitt in 1867 who named the town Santa Angela after his wife. The name was later changed to San Angela.

However, when the United States Postal Service was setting up a Post Office in 1883 they insisted on changing the name of the town to San Angelo, believing that the previous name was grammatically incorrect. The name officially stuck, but the arrival of new settlers and travelers to the town solicited several other nicknames including The Concho City, The River City, The Pearl of the Conchos, and The Oasis of West Texas. San Angelo expanded and eventually became the county seat during the 1880s as it became the central transportation hub for the region with the construction of the railroads.

During the tuberculosis outbreak in the United States during the early periods of the 1900s, many relocated to San Angelo believing that the warm climate would be good for treatment and for their health. This created an increase in the residential and small business communities for the city. The oil boom however, was the key element for San Angelo’s exponential growth as large oil reserves were found in the city and became the oil and gas industry center in the region. San Angelo was ranked by Forbes Magazine as one the “Best Places for Business and Careers” and has been consistently ranked every since by other publications.

San Angelo is one of the largest cities in the United States in terms of population and this implies a huge demand for electricity to power residential and business establishments. The energy deregulated market provides residents with the power to choose retail electric providers and enjoy significant savings. The competitive power market also opened its doors to the emergence of alternative energy source such as solar, wind power, biomass and other renewable energy sources – resulting to lower electricity rates in San Angelo as compared to other U.S. cities.