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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 7:26 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


Abilene, Texas, has a vibrant family-friendly atmosphere that is home to several residential and commercial spaces. This Texas Midwest city has many reasons to boast its legacies, such as clean energy farms, the medical, retail, industrial, and transportation hub of a 19-county area along with a range of dining, shopping, and entertainment options.

With a population of over 120,000 people, AEP Texas North Transmission and Distribution Utility is its leading Abilene TX electric utility provider. However, many retail electric providers compete with one another with affordable energy plans. You have the power to choose Abilene TX electric companies from varying terms and electric rate types.

We have partnered with the best energy companies catering to business owners and residents. Compare electricity rates and select the best plan suitable for you.

Low Electricity Rates

Compare Low Electricity Rates in Abilene, TX

If you are looking up “cheap electricity in my area," be prepared to go through a lengthy lineup of electric companies in Abilene TX. Beware of the bogus claims of some companies that conceal hidden costs, utility fees, and cancellation fees. As a result, you may end up paying more than you need. So, you need to go through a fine-tooth comb to filter the best plan.

But to cut through all the hassle, we have an easy option that quickly finds the electric plan that suits your needs. Explore Abilene electric rates by simply entering your Zip code and sift through the listings and supply rates. Give us your details like normal power usage and filter your options with a particular attribute.

Compare electricity rates and get a cheap energy plan. Make an informed decision to choose the best electric Abilene TX with our accurate listings.

Compare Electricity Rates

Electricity Rate Trends

Electricity Rate Trends in Abilene

Unlike in other states, residents of Texas can choose their electric provider. Effective 2002, Texas had deregulated the energy market to reduce the electricity rate burden on its consumers.

The change in the policy threw open the electricity market in Texas for multiple competitors. Thanks to the market deregulation, now both residential and commercial consumers alike have the power to choose Abilene TX electric companies rather than stick to one provider.

Especially for homeowners or business owners who are looking for low prices in Abilene, we offer a great way to compare electric rates. Our online tool helps you find the best rate quotes from dozens of service providers, which you can compare, shop, and select to save money on your monthly energy bills. The average electric bill in Abilene TX - commercial, residential, or industrial, are similar to the state average and lower than the national average for the respective sectors.

Know Your Options

Residential Electricity Rates

The average electricity rates depend on various factors like weather, number of residents, and living arrangements. On the whole, the average electric bill in Abilene for residences is 10.98¢ per kWh. While it is the same as the Texas average rate, the national average price is 11.88¢ per kWh.

Bedroom Apartment

For a 750 sq. ft. single bedroom apartment, the average monthly electricity consumption maybe 750 kWh per month.

Bedroom Apartment

A double bedroom apartment of 1,000 sq. ft. may consume 880 kWh of energy per month.


A house may be bigger than an apartment, and its monthly energy usage will also be higher. So, for a home of 2,000 sq. ft., the energy consumption is approximately 1500 kWh per month.

Commercial Electricity Rates

Commercial Electricity Rates in Abilene

The average electricity rate for commercial spaces in Abilene is 8.16¢ per kWh, which is the same as the state average.

Living and owning a business in Abilene is much cheaper as the average electricity bill is 19.13% less than 10.09¢ per kWh, the national average rate. The commercial electricity rates in the U.S. fall in the spectrum of 6.86¢per kWh to 34.88¢ per kWh.

Many electric companies, Abilene TX, offer such affordable prices for the commercial sector. You can compare electricity rates on our website and choose from the best suited commercial electricity plans.

Industrial Electricity Rates

Industrial Electricity Rates in Abilene

The average electricity rate for Abilene industrial sector is the same as the state average that stands at 5.57¢ per kWh. It is also 16.49% less than the average price of the entire country at 6.67¢ per kWh. Industrial sector energy rates in the U.S. can vary from 4.13¢ per kWh to 30.82¢ per kWh.

It is a known fact that the industrial sector consumes the highest amounts of electricity. But the electric rates for the sector are meager.

No-Deposit Electricity Plans

No-Deposit Electricity Plans in Abilene, TX

Before starting a service, some energy providers require deposits from customers, while some services in Abilene offer cheap month to month electricity no deposit no prepaid plans.

Your search with us may reveal same-day electricity no deposit plans since we believe in giving you the best options from the get-go. It's possible to start your new program that offers no-deposit electricity-free weekends, too.

Compare your power choices with our online tool by entering your Zip code now.

Compare Electricity Rates

Switch to a Low Electricity Rate

Time to Renew Your Abilene Electricity Plan? Switch to an Energy Provider with a Low Rate

When the contract with your current electricity provider is about to expire, you will start getting renewal notices. And this is the right time to start looking for a low-rate energy provider if you wish to save huge bucks.

Instead of continuing with the old energy company or plan, you have the power to choose alternative providers. Let us say the last time you checked the electricity market pricing was a couple of years back. But since then, the Texas energy market may have moved up or down. There is a possibility that some other providers may have better rates.

Besides, you have the choice of going for variable-rate plans, which you get on a month to month basis. Or, choose the fixed-rate electricity plans Texas if you want predictable electricity plans.

Energy Facts Label

What Is the Energy Facts Label and Why Is It Important?

If you have always been stumped about how to understand electricity plans, then the Energy Facts Label of your Abilene electric plan may come in handy. In the state of Texas, every electricity plan marketed must include an Electricity Facts Label. It gives you relevant information about your plan.

The EFL calculator printed on your plan gives you the formula for your monthly electricity bill. This fact sheet includes supply rates per kWh, term lengths, base charges, usage credits, and even green energy products. It contains the average all-in rates for all amounts of power usage -500 kWh, 1000 kWh, and 2000 kWh, and average electricity rates.

This is important because you can assess the energy rate vs. average rate per your requirement and compare the available plans to look beyond the lowest electricity rate.

Electricity Plan to Choose

Confused as to Which Electricity Plan to Choose in Abilene? We Can help!

Reading about the nitty-gritty of your electricity plans can be confusing. But if you feel lost or overwhelmed by this amount of information, just pick up the phone and talk to us.

We will give the needed guidance to compare electricity rates and select one for your home or business. Our energy specialists are happy to assist you in finding the energy rates in Abilene.

When you compare energy rates with our online tool, you get:

Transparent Pricing

Straightforward rates and no hidden costs. We do not indulge in sketchy “introductory” rates for the initial month and hike up later.

Clean Energy

You have the choice to be a proud part of a greener, Texas. Our Abilene electricity plans let you choose wind or solar energy programs in Texas.

Price Protection

We have plenty of energy plans that allow you to lock in your price and avoid rising costs due to market spikes and dips. Price protection - guaranteed!

Green Energy Plans

Explore Green Energy Plans with Shop Texas Electricity

Texas is famous for being a leading producer in renewable energy in the entire country. And Abilene is not behind. You can see wind turbines and green energy farms everywhere.

Depending on the green energy plan you choose, the retail electric providers work with nearby wind farms and purchase renewable energy credits on your behalf. These companies can match up to 100% of the energy consumption of the consumers using these energy credits.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates the wind generation capacity will increase to 125 Gigawatts by the end of 2020 and to 130 Gigawatts at the end of 2021. Accordingly, EIA expects wholesale electricity prices across the country to be much lower this year.

To follow eco-friendly practices, compare power plans, and choose the best green energy plans and reduce carbon emissions!

Compare Electricity Rates

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You may know that in Texas, you can end the contract with your current energy provider within 14 days of expiration without having to pay a termination fee. Even if it is not the case, you can recover this cancellation fee from the savings from your new energy plan.

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Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.