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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 6:12 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


It is that time of the year when Dallas starts to brace itself for the hot weather. It is also the period when the energy industry sees a price change in its electricity rates. And a more torrid season means more energy intake. As you run your ACs and cooling equipment for longer hours, your electricity bills soon shoot up.

Let's see, for example, last year's heatwave that shook Texas resulted in record-breaking peak demand for electricity. And the effects could be felt hard by energy consumers. But more about that in the later sections.

So, does that mean you will have to stick to your current light company? Luckily, Dallas energy consumers can choose low rate energy companies owing to the Texas energy market deregulation.

Dallas Electricity Supply

Energy Efficiency Programs That Help

While Oncor Electric Delivery Company is the TDU (Transmission and Distribution Utility) for Dallas, you have the power to choose an electric provider in Dallas. TDUs or utility providers charge you for delivering energy and managing meters, wires, poles, and other electric equipment.

Your Dallas electricity bill reflects these charges, whichever energy provider you choose. So, to lower your energy bills, you need to find the best electric company in Dallas, which offers the cheapest rates.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from lock-in fixed low energy plans, no contract variable-rate plans, or prepaid plans. The city of Dallas electricity may even apply daily charges that vary monthly. Some companies offer green energy plans or cheap electricity Dallas TX packages with smart meters.

Compare Electricity Rates

Electricity Bills So High

Why Are My Electricity Bills So High in the Summers

High temperatures mean abnormally high electric bills. There is no way to avoid this inevitability. You probably run your system doubly hard and more frequently to combat the heat. Not counting other electric appliances, you pay more bucks on air conditioning alone until August.

Dallas Humidity and Your Electricity Bills

Humidity is also very high in the state of Texas. With an increase in the ambient temperature, the ability of the air to hold water also increases. This means the relative humidity (RH) is more.

This water content in the air contains heat energy. That is also why you may feel comfortable at 50% RH at 75°F against the 50% RH at 95%.

Initially, the humidity level reduces when the cooling coil in your AC pulls heat from the air and condenses the water vapor. Then the actual cooling takes place. Hence, the higher the humidity, the more time it takes to cool your home.

It Is All About the Supply and Demand

Wholesale electricity prices in the Texas electricity market vary based on supply and demand. When Dallas gets hotter, consumers use more power, hence the average summer electric bill increases. Besides, there will be too much load to handle by the transmission lines.

As a result, congestion occurs in places of high demand but insufficient transmission capacity. This sometimes leads to power outages or blackouts.

Dallas Energy Suppliers

Electricity Types Offered by Dallas Energy Suppliers

The ERCOT (Electric Reliability Council of Texas) is the primary power grid in Texas, which controls 75% of the deregulated energy market. Coal is still a significant contributor to the energy sector. However, hydropower and solar production are catching up quickly.

As a leading producer of renewable electricity, Texas has plenty of green energy options. Likewise, Dallas energy providers also offer carbon-free electricity plans, varying up to 100% green solutions.

Reports predict that wind energy will outpace thermal electricity production in 2020, supplying 24% of total power generated in Texas. The government is also making policies to ensure the increased installation of wind and solar farms. Renewables becoming cheaper also makes more green energy production possible in the foreseeable future in Texas. This could mean no more unpredictable fluctuations in electricity prices.


Demand in Texas

2019 Heat Wave Resulted in the Highest-Recorded Electricity Demand in Texas
Per the Texas energy grid ERCOT August 2019 reports, the heatwave fueled a record-setting electricity demand. This killer heat in Texas leads to an elevated electricity demand of 704 gigawatts, making it difficult to power the cooling equipment, such as fans, dehumidifiers, and air conditioners.

ERCOT, which represents more than 90% of the state’s electric load, had issued an Energy Emergency Alert Level 1, which is the first time since January 2014. It has also suggested some energy conservation tips to keep the usage levels low during this period. Retail electricity providers (REPs) have their conservation programs, too.

Owing to this peak summer demand, electricity consumers have seen high ERCOT record prices. Huge power cost spikes occurred during different times of the day, ranging from $19 per MWh to a staggering $9,000 MWh.

If the 2019 Texas energy crisis had continued, ERCOT would have been forced to issue the next level alert - Energy Emergency Alert 2. Typically, this meant planning of rotating outages across all ERCOT service territories.

Are Dallas Electricity Rates Expected to Rise or Fall in 2020
In the last ten years, average residential electricity prices have increased by about 15%. Texas electricity rates chart over the years also indicates a similar pattern between 2009 and 2019.

If the ERCOT 2020 reserve margin of 10.6% is any indication, the electricity price increase forecast sounds optimistic. This also reflects a lower forecast peak load for the summer of 2020. According to the US EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook, you can expect a decline in the projected electricity prices in 2020 for residential, industrial, and commercial sectors.

This revelation comes in addition to the prediction that renewable energy may surpass the energy production from nuclear and coal by 2021. Fuel costs are unpredictable under any circumstances. But the government plans to reduce the burden on electricity consumers by lowering the cost of renewables like wind and solar. The estimated renewable energy production is bound to double by 2050, from the current levels.

How to Choose

Find the Cheapest Energy Provider in Dallas, TX

To make an informed decision, you need a basic understanding of what factors determine the best electric company in Dallas. Not all factors may fit your situation, nor do they carry equal weightage. Below are the most important criteria that you need to look at:

Multiple Plans
Multiple Plans

Quality electric companies always offer their energy consumers plenty of options to choose from. They classify the low rate electricity plans based on:

  • your average usage levels
  • size of your establishment
  • varying rate or fixed low-rate plans
  • flexible and fixed term lengths
  • prepaid electricity plans
  • same day no deposit electricity, and many more

Competitive Pricing
Competitive Pricing

Low rate energy companies provide cheaper electricity rates and better energy plans compared to their competition.

Transparency in Fees
Transparency in Fees

You need to be able to trust the electric providers that you choose. However, if they slap you with hidden fees, you may stop doing business with them.


While selecting an electric company in Dallas, you should also pay heed to what happens after the signup. The electric company

  1. should make it easy for you to contact them.
  2. allows you to use various methods of payment.
  3. must be financially secure.
At Shop Texas Electricity, your satisfaction is our top priority. We list only the Dallas light companies that meet all the above criteria. Use our online tool to find the cheap electricity providers by Zipcode.

Dallas Electricity Plan

Choose a Dallas Electricity Plan with No Deposit

Many electric companies that waive deposits are available in Dallas. Whether you have just moved to Dallas, or need to make the switch to a new energy provider suddenly, we can help.

Let Shop Texas Electricity be your guide in choosing a cheap month to month electricity no deposit no prepaid plan. By signing up with energy suppliers that offer same-day electricity no deposit free weekends, here is what you get:

Easily manage your account

Add more kilowatt-hours from your smartphone as soon as you get a notification.

Make phone or online payments

You can even set up automatic payment for smaller amounts in a no-hassle process to both you and the supplier.

Track your energy consumption

In contrast to once a month billing, check on your electricity usage whenever you like.

Purchase and pay only for what you need

You don’t have to stick to the cookie-cutter electricity plans designed for everyone else. Save as you wish.

Cheap Electricity Plans

Cheap Electricity Plans for Dallas Apartments

Estimate your usage, but know that Dallas apartment electricity rates may vary with changing seasons. They also depend on the energy-efficiency of your Dallas apartment.

Check for the best apartment electricity plans that offer the cheapest energy rates for Dallas customers. Go through the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) that gives the prices per kWh usage levels.

Expected price changes or emissions per kWh usage will also be displayed clearly. This will help when you are looking for sustainable powering options. But before you sign up for a plan, look for any hidden costs and read the Terms and Conditions.

Tips to Save

Save on Dallas Electricity Bills

For Houston residents and businesses, getting the best electricity plans with the cheapest energy rates have never been faster.
Start comparing the best electricity plans in the greater Houston area!

1 Inspect your home or business space for improper insulation and fix if you see any issues.

2 Always unplug appliances after turning them off, especially when you plan to be away for an extended period.

3 Try using energy-efficient solutions like LED light bulbs and stop using outdated appliances that don’t work to their full capacity.

4 Rather than changing the thermostat in response to sudden, brief temperature spikes, try letting cold air in through open windows.

You may maintain your equipment in perfect condition and follow the best ways to save energy costs. But the fact is that the changes in the electricity rates are not in anyone’s control.

But by subscribing to the cheapest energy plans available in Dallas, you can guarantee a small electric bill.


Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.