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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 8:35 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


Texas residents and business owners are entitled to compare retail energy providers (REPs) and shop the lowest electricity supply rates, starting in 2002. With the energy market deregulation, the electric industry got divided into two segments: supply and delivery. While a utility the company is one that delivers electricity, REPs can in Texas compete for business by offering cheap energy plans.

No matter which REP you choose and how low your Texas electricity rates are, your utility charges remain the same. So, lowering your energy bills is only possible when you choose the right electricity company.

Comparing electricity rates on our website is not just a means to get monthly cost savings. You also save the costs involved in switching as well as get a more reliable service that caters to your specific needs.

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Texas Electricity Rates

Why Should You Compare and Shop for the Best Plan

There are numerous electricity suppliers in Texas territories that offer well-tailored energy plans that suit customers of varying levels of usage. Whether you are in Dallas, Houston, or Corpus Christi, a large company may be operating and serving in multiple locations.

But if you just compare the energy plans from that company and ignore smaller ones, you may lose out on potentially better rates. So, it is sensible to compare fixed rate electricity plans in Texas from every company.

While shopping for Texas electricity rates, consider:

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Do Fixed Rates Work the Best for Cheap Electricity Plans

Most Texas energy customers, both residential and commercial, are faced with this eternal dilemma: Is fixed or variable electricity better? Going by the Texas electricity rate trend over many years, customers may notice that the best plans have fixed rates - meaning, they are usually the cheapest.

But the best plan for one customer, one location, or one sector may not be the best for another. Besides, “fixed” does not mean flat. When you say fixed, you mean that the same pricing terms are applied every month throughout the contract period. However, even in the same month, the rates may vary based on how much electricity you use.

The average price per kWh on the document alone may not be enough to decide your monthly bills. When it is the best time to lock in electricity rates, even if you switch to the cheapest available plan, crossing the 1 kWh usage limit can change the pricing drastically.

You find such rates with Texas tiered electricity plans. Hence, the Electricity Facts Label (EFL) that defines the pricing for each plan should not be the only criteria for you to consider.

Most Common Electricity Plans

What Are the Most Common Texas Electricity Plans and Their Billing Rate Structure

Rate structure refers to electricity pricing and how it is determined.

Fixed Rates

Fixed-rate electricity supply plans stay stable amidst Texas energy market fluctuations. Usually, these are considered the best power plans as you pay the same price per kWh of usage throughout your electricity agreement.

Who can choose this? These electricity plans are ideal for people looking for a secure rate or consumers on a tight budget.

Variable Rates

A variable-rate energy supply plan changes the electricity pricing periodically. This fluidity will depend on overall market conditions in Texas.

Who can choose this? People looking for potential savings and security from peaking rates will benefit from these electricity plans. However, sometimes, you may be paying increased rates for electricity.

Indexed Rates

These lowest electric rates are touted by some as the modified versions of variable-rate supply plans. In most cases, these types of energy plans are bundled with multiple products, like electricity and natural gas commodities.

Who can choose this? Consumers choosing these Texas electricity rate plans can have both flexible rate plans and the advantage of having a safety net against price changes.

Your power to choose Texas energy rates also applies to the billing options and payment methods. When you compare electricity rates in Texas, you can choose the average payment or level billing option to keep paying the same amount in bills every month, rather than based on your consumption, for the entire length of your contract.

Texas Electricity Plans

Differentiating Various Texas Electricity Plans and Energy Solutions

Not all electricity companies offer the same or even a similar pricing structure. Texas electricity rate plans vary from one energy solution to another.

Shoppers may see the difference among various perks offered, prepaid electricity plans, smart technology, or green energy plans. Depending on these factors and your monthly usage, you can know how much flexibility you are allowed in the future.

When you compare electric rates, you should understand the common terms used in the industry. Ask yourself a few energy-specific questions before you start comparing prices to find cheap electricity.

Compare Your Total

Electricity Costs to Choose the Best Plans

Seasoned electricity shoppers who hunt for the cheapest energy rates every summer know the main criterion that separates great supply plans from marketing gimmicks.

The key to finding the best electric plans in Texas is to go through each plan’s EFL and the pricing terms with a fine-tooth comb. But given the numerous plans and rate types, this can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

One more thing to note is some cheapest plans have a non-recurring fee, where you pay the REP your account administration charges and for providing the services. But not all providers charge these fees; you may only incur such charges if you miss a payment or subscribe to paper billing. However, it is something that can be done away with and avoid overpaying for energy.

At Shop Texas Electricity, we provide the most transparent and reliable energy plans from top companies. Use our online tool to find the cheapest electricity providers by Zip code easily.

Compare Electricity Rates

Lowest Electric Rates

Find the Lowest Electric Rates and Cheap Energy Plans in Texas

In Texas territories, several utility companies or TDUs operate. While these companies deliver and maintain the electric supply, you can choose the best energy rates from a cheap light company.

To compare electricity rates, you need to know where to find them. This is where we excel. With our long-standing in the energy industry, we have partnered with top-notch electricity suppliers across all of Texas.

By carefully filtering the best rate plans for homes, apartments, and businesses, we provide the cheapest energy rates for our customers. Among these competitive retailer listings, find the plans suitable to you by filtering them based on your requirements.

Our database helps you in efficiently by listing genuine providers and weeding out the duds out of the minefield of gimmick rate plans. Finally, we supply the lowest and fair rates that you can choose from dozens of options. Pick the best Texas energy providers with plans that are closest to your monthly electricity average.

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Why Choose Our Service to Find the Best Texas Light Company

First and foremost, we make electricity shopping experience a smooth process for our customers. Whether you are a residential customer or if you are shopping for the best rates for your Texas business, we can help.

Select a fixed-rate plan to fit your home energy needs and your financial situation. If you have just moved to anywhere in Texas, we have cheap same day electricity plans.

The best energy companies in Texas offer flexible rate plans that allow you to use as much power as you wish at specific times of the day or week. For example, you may be a business establishment that welcomes many customers during the weekends - you can search the low rate plans that offer free weekends. Likewise, remote location jobs call for working odd hours, we have got you covered with free night plans.

Furthermore, a new report suggests that electricity customers across the state can save nearly $5.47 billion by choosing to use distributed energy resources (DERs), namely solar, wind, electric vehicles, and more.

Are you looking for sustainable ways to power your company? Then choose the plans from low rate energy companies that offer up to 100% green electricity.

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This Is the Right Time to Lock-In the Best Energy Rates in Texas

The peak summer demand season is nearing and energy customers in Texas are starting to look for the best electricity rates before the wholesale market prices rise. Look at our website listing today as this is the best time to switch energy providers.

As you know, summer and winter are the two main periods of the year that witness a high rise in electric prices with increased heating and cooling needs. So, rather than waiting for your contract to end exactly in the summer months, try switching to low rate energy companies.

But before you find the best power plans, look closely if you may have to pay early termination fees on ending your current contract. Otherwise, you are good to go.

Use our online tool for comparing electric rates and sign up for the best energy plan in your Zip code.

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What Energy Pricing Shopping at Shop Texas Electricity Entails

We value our customers above all else. By choosing our platform to find and signup with low rate energy companies, you get:

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Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.