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Compare electricity rates in Dallas

These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 6:16 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


If you think your Dallas electricity bill is unusually high, maybe you are paying too much for using too little. Who knows? You could be making the same mistake unknowingly for years. Switch to a cheap electric provider in Dallas by comparing the low rate energy companies.

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Electricity Rates

Major Institutions That Impact Dallas Electricity Rates

Your Dallas electricity bill is dependent on various major institutions in the Texas energy market. The leading industry players are the electricity generation companies that create power in coal, renewable, or nuclear power plants. Others are:


The Electric Reliability Council of Texas is the Texas electricity grid, which controls around 75% of the energy deregulated system in Texas. ERCOT manages the wholesale power market in its service territories and ensures system reliability. When Dallas energy customers compare rates for electricity and switch electric providers, the corporation provides a seamless transition.


The state agency Public Utility Commission of Texas oversees the electric services in the state. The PUCT ensures a secure and reliable electric supply by regulating the delivery of power. It strives to foster competition, provide quality infrastructure, and protect the consumers in the deregulated market.


The Transmission and Distribution Service Providers are different for various areas of Texas. They are responsible for electricity transmission and distribution to homes and businesses. The TSDPs, but not the electric companies in Texas, maintain the power lines, meters, and poles. For Dallas and surrounding areas, Oncor Electric Delivery Company is the TSDP.


Retail Electricity Providers are the local energy companies that sell residential and commercial electric services to Dallas customers. REPs vie for potential customers by offering a variety of plan options (like 100% green energy or special incentives) with cheap electricity rates.

While the utility company or the TSDP is the same for all Dallas energy consumers, you can choose your REP by comparing electric rates.

Residential VS Commercial

Residential VS Commercial Sector Lighting Needs

In 2019, electricity consumption for both commercial vs. residential lighting needs alone totaled around 216 billion kWh. As per the U.S. EIA (Energy Information Administration) reports, this usage was 5% of the energy consumption for lighting in the entire country.

The lighting energy use in commercial buildings was nearly 141 billion kWh. This power was approximately 10% of the sector, utilized by institutions, highways, and other necessities.

At 75 billion kWh, the lighting needs for homes were about 5% of that of the entire residential sector.

Compare Electricity Rates

Electricity Rates

Why Dallas Electricity Rates Vary

You have used your power to choose a cheap electric provider. But during the search, you notice vast differences between electricity rates. Here are the reasons why Dallas electric rates vary for both residential and commercial sectors:

Fuel type and renewable energy

The type of fuel used in electricity production influences the electricity rates in a specific area. Renewable, coal, or nuclear energy plans may be more affordable or costly based on factors like location and the amount of power used.

Time of your switch

The time of the year you make a switch to new Dallas electric companies significantly impacts your energy costs. Summer and spring typically see the highest electricity prices.

Different rate plans

Compare each program to get the best electric rates from every Dallas energy company. Fixed, variable, and indexed plans can change your energy costs per kWh.

Electricity suppliers

The city of Dallas electricity providers can provide affordable electricity to their customers. Depending on power generation costs, individual electric retailers sell cheap energy plans.

Minimum usage charges

Most Dallas electric suppliers charge a minimum fee on each plan, which also influences the final rates. You need to pay these charges irrespective of how much energy you consume.

Understand all these factors before you select a low rate energy plan. You can further lower your energy bills by comparing several electric companies in Dallas, TX, with no deposit plans for your home or business.

Average Electricity Bill

Average Electricity Bill in Dallas

According to the U.S. EIA, 2018 statistics for Texas, the average retail electricity price recorded for all sectors was 8.48¢ per kWh.


The average monthly consumption was 1,176 kWh, with the retail price of 11.20¢ per kWh and an average monthly bill of $131.63.


The average monthly consumption was 7,517 kWh, with the retail price of 8.16¢ per kWh and a monthly average electricity bill of $613.53.


The average monthly consumption was 81,893 kWh, with the retail price of 5.39¢ per kWh and an average monthly bill of $4,415.10.

The average electric bill in Texas summers will increase with high temperatures. Other factors like fundamental policy changes affect the electric rates throughout the state, including Dallas

Consumes the Most Electricity

What Consumes the Most Electricity in Your Dallas Home

When you consider what appliances use the most electricity in a household, your HVAC systems takes the top spot. Almost 46% of your home energy bills are because of your heating and cooling needs.

To find the best energy plan for your Dallas home, make a list of all your appliances and electrical systems, and learn what devices use the most electricity.

High Energy Bills

Causes for High Energy Bills Despite Low Electricity Rates

You may be in the habit of looking for the cheapest electric rates in Dallas, and sign up for a suitable plan. Yet, you get abnormally high electric bills, and you wonder where you have gone wrong.

There are thousands of energy customers in the country who overpay for electricity. One main reason for this is people may be stuck with their electric providers for years, maybe decades even.

But if that is not the case with you, then the below causes may be why you have an unusually high electric bill:

1 Switching Dallas electric companies when your contract ends in summer. This is the time when the electricity rates are the highest.

2 Not actively looking for the best electricity deals in Dallas before your contract expires. You may lose out on the new customer incentives and discounts.

3 If you wonder, "why has my electric bill doubled," you may want to check if you chose a tiered energy plan. Some tiered plans have a flat rate for a specific energy usage level, after which you pay twice the price per kWh.

Save on Dallas Electricity Bills

Tips to Save on Dallas Electricity Bills

Use these helpful tips to reduce electricity bill at home and save money:

Dallas Electricity Bill

Understand Your Dallas Electricity Bill

You can find the best low rate electricity plan suitable to your requirement when you understand how the electricity bill is calculated.

On your bill, you have the electricity usage reading for the previous and current months. The difference is what you have consumed this month. You will be billed for this usage, which changes with seasons. Sometimes, you get estimated readings instead of actual readings, but you need to complain if this happens often.

Every Dallas customer pays the same TSDP/TDU (Transmission and Distribution Utility) distribution charges, irrespective of the electric provider you choose. Apart from these, you see administrative costs, sales tax, distribution surcharges, and other fees on the bill.

Type Of Plans

How to Calculate Your Electric Bill

Your Dallas electricity rate plan will mention the price per kWh. A kilowatt-hour is the standard measurement for power usage, which equals 1000 watts of electricity consumed in an hour.

Multiply your monthly power usage with the price per kWh on your plan to get the total electricity cost for the month.

For example, you may use 100 kWh, and the electricity you chose costs 10.6 ¢ per kWh; then, the total cost is 100 kWh x 10.6 ¢ per kWh = $10.60.

But for tiered plans, it could be 10.6 ¢ per kWh until you reach an energy threshold, and the price increases per kWh above this limit.

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Compare Electricity Rates

Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.