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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 8:14 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


Whether you have a small or large business, you need a reliable power supply for the proper functioning of your equipment without facing any downtime. While it is true that you may not cut down on your Dallas electricity requirements, you sure can reduce your business energy bills.

The city of Dallas has some of the cheapest business electricity rates in Texas, and now it is time for you to take advantage of this. Business owners in Dallas are privileged to have the power to choose their energy provider. Being an electricity customer in the Texas deregulated energy market allows you to compare and shop for the best electric prices.

At Shop Texas Electricity, we provide cheap business electricity rates from the best energy companies in Dallas. All you need to do for choosing an electric plan is enter your Zip code, find low rate plans for the business, and sign up.

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It is now easy to switch Dallas REPs and you no longer have to be stuck with high energy costs.

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Plans for Dallas

Types of Plans for Dallas Business Electricity Plans

Dallas, TX commercial electricity providers typically offer the two types of plans below:

Fixed or Flat-Rate Plans

You do not need to check for current commercial electricity rates as these static rate plans stay stable even during the unpredictable market fluctuations. Contracts last from three to five years and Dallas business owners get to enjoy lower bills once they sign up for a flat-rate plan with a cheap electricity provider.

Variable Rate Plans

Variable commercial energy rates depend on the wholesale price of electricity; if market rates go up, the business rates do the same. In contrast, you will get the benefit of paying lower bills when the market prices are low. Another advantage of these kinds of plans is flexibility in the contract lengths and terms.

However, choosing the cheapest small business electricity rates Texas is profitable only if you can understand the terms mentioned in your contract.

Best Commercial Electricity Rates

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Once you have decided on the type of electricity plan, the next thing to do is compare electric rates. Business electricity customers’ power to choose a retail electric provider is actually a great opportunity to save money on energy bills. Since your business operations heavily rely on massive quantities of electricity, it is imperative to explore the best light companies in Dallas with the lowest rate plans.

To find a reliable REP, various factors like the following that play a vital role in achieving customer satisfaction:

At Shop Texas Electricity, you can compare kWh rates in your Zip code within minutes and get same day electricity.

Commercial Electricity Pricing

Understanding Your Dallas Commercial Electricity Pricing

The power you buy to support any commercial operation, such as warehouses, schools, hotels, car dealerships, etc. is business electricity. Thousands of businesses, small to large, thrive in the city of Dallas all thanks to the reliable and uninterrupted electric supply. However, when you compare energy rates, you must keep in mind that business electricity rates differ from residential.

Dallas Business Electricity Prices

The ERCOT (Electricity Reliability Council of Texas) controls the flow of electricity and tracks the usage of each Dallas customer. They use a “load profile” for business and residential electricity customers.

For homes and apartments, the load profile takes into account even the night time usage, and it assumes that about 60% of the power goes towards the HVAC systems. This varies with the time of the year and so do the Dallas electricity rates.

For businesses though, throughout the year, the usage profile is more consistent than homes and the pricing may be lower. Large businesses may spend over $10,000 in monthly bills and could require more than 10 electricity meters.

Core Electricity Pricing Components

Affecting Factors

Factors Affecting Dallas Commercial Energy Prices

Electricity price fluctuations happen due to the inconsistencies in supply and demand due to these factors:

Peak demand periods

Summer raises the demand for cooling and in winter, you need more electricity for cooling.

Catastrophic weather events

There will be volatility in electricity prices if the power transmission and distribution facilities get damaged. Not only the actual event but also the forecasts and predictions can raise or reduce the electricity prices.

Power outages

When electricity generation plants get shut down, or remain inoperative for maintenance reasons, there will be a rise in demand, causing a rise in electric rates.

Market conditions

The Texas energy market is an openly traded market where low rate energy companies can vie for cheap prices, which, in turn, depend on wholesale rates.

Fuel source

Some energy companies use the fuel for electricity generation, based on whichever is the cheapest at the moment. With your power to choose a business electric company in Dallas, you can choose energy produced by coal, wind, solar, and more.

Government regulations

When changes or new regulations are made, the wholesale electricity market and the fuel industries may get affected.

Business Electricity Plans

The City of Dallas Business Electricity Plans: Sustainable Energy Options

Coal has environmental impacts as it emits hazardous pollutants into the atmosphere. Many eco-conscious people argue that the way to achieve a sustainable world is through clean energy options.

Luckily for the city of Dallas electricity customers, plenty of energy companies supply green options for your commercial needs.

Wind Energy

The kinetic energy caused by the movement of wind on the blades of the wind turbines generates power. Since wind is a source that does not get exhausted like oil and gas can, it is a great renewable source of electricity. In 2018, installed capacity provided was over 23,300 megawatts of wind-generated electricity. Wind produced 20.02% of total electricity in 2019.

Solar Energy

By turning the sun’s energy into electricity through solar panels, you get solar power, which is being used for several purposes, including powering cars. With 59,133 installed projects, Texas solar electricity makes for 1.03% of the total energy in the state. By 2017, 211,000 solar rooftops in Dallas that could generate 4,300 MW of energy in total.


This renewable energy production process emits 0% greenhouse gases and delivers affordable options for both businesses and households. While hydro contributed to just 0.25% of power last year, with two dozen power plants, it is still on the rise. It is also getting relatively inexpensive to install than before.

Green Power Options

Why Choose Green Options for Business Electricity

A few retail energy companies offer green power options in Dallas, TX. You can choose from varying percentages of your energy source: up to 100% clean energy.

The United States has set a new record renewable generation in 2018 by producing 742 million megawatt-hours (MWh), making for 17.6% of total electricity.

With the concern over climate change, there is a growing and sustained push for renewable energy. The government has been promoting the supply and use of renewable energy by making policies and regulations like the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS).

Many Fortune 500 companies and industry giants like AT&T, Microsoft, and Amazon are already making efforts to accelerate changes to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

Particularly with solar generation, the output always correlates with the demand: the hotter the sun, the more energy is generated. This is also one of the many reasons why many Dallas businesses are preferring to have on-site solar installations to meet their increasing demands and cut costs.

Whether you wish to take part in the government initiatives or reduce carbon emissions and save the planet, you can always choose low rate electricity plans from clean energy providers in Dallas.

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