Electric Service – Quick and Easy Comparisons

Shop Texas Electricity is an online service that allows energy consumers the opportunity to shop and compare electric providers, their rates, and their services in a simpler manner and faster pace than possible on their own. Consumers looking for electricity to power their homes can view a single list on our website and find providers, plans, rates, estimated savings, terms, and bonus deals all at one time! It is easy to compare offers when they are all clearly labeled and posted side-by-side the way we have done at Shop Texas Electricity. You can even go directly to your chosen provider’s website from ours and start signing up for your selected plan right away! Consumers looking to power their businesses can do so by first filling out the form found under our “Business” tab. You won’t be able to view listed prices but you can still compare the multiple quotes we help you receive from our trusted partners. These estimates are our plans that each provider custom-makes using the information you give us when filling out the previously mentioned form. So, instead of visiting multiple websites, filling out numerous forms, and waiting for just as many quotes to come back, you can get it all done at once with Shop Texas Electricity! This is a comparative service you will definitely want to take advantage of when shopping for an electric provider in your area. 

Need More Help?

We understand that a long list of providers may seem daunting. Or perhaps you have singled it down to a handful of companies but still cannot decide. Email us with your questions by clicking on our “Contact Us” tab and one of our experts will get back to you within 24 hours. Feel free to browse through our informative FAQ pages in the meantime!