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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 7:23 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


Houston is America’s fourth biggest and fastest-growing city, with a population of over 2.3 million residents. The urban metropolis continues to expand with a dynamic blend of prestigious business and residential addresses, world-class hotels, retail establishments, and spaces - all of which require advanced, efficient, and affordable energy solutions to keep their energy demand from exceeding current capacity.

At Shop Texas Electricity, we strive to offer some of the lowest Texas electricity rate plans, superior customer support, consultation, and top-of-the-line service. Exercise your power to choose alternative energy programs.

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Texas energy deregulation laws, which took effect in 2002, allows the right to choose your electricity provider. That means you have the power to choose the best energy-efficient programs that will help lower your monthly bills dramatically.

However, with so many retail providers in the Houston energy market, it may get overwhelming to choose and compare electricity rates that may be suitable for your business or family. That’s where Shop Texas Electricity comes in.

Our one-stop shopping experience helps make the right energy decision. All you have to do is enter your zip code, and we will provide a list of energy plans.

Check your options in the competitive energy marketplace with Shop Texas Electricity.

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Top Houston Utility Companies and Energy Providers
Every year Houston natives have to deal with hot and agonizing summers and insanely humid temperatures reaching high nineties or hundreds during the peak season. The record high of 109 °F (43 °C) alone indicates the need for economical energy rates in Houston.

Before deciding to switch or choose energy Texas provider, consider the following parameters:

  • Your monthly electricity bills
  • Energy requirements
  • Your rate per kilowatt-hour (kWh)
  • Contract expiration and an early cancellation fee
  • Fixed or variable price
  • Green energy options

When you pay your Houston electricity monthly bill, the power that comes to your home or business is supplied by two companies: utility companies and energy providers.

Utility companies are also known as the Transmission and Distribution Service Providers – which is CenterPoint Energy for Houston and surrounding areas.

Energy providers are those companies that buy the electricity and then distribute it to you with the best electricity rates.

Thanks to the energy market deregulation, the providers can better manage price fluctuations and tailor their products suitable to the buyers’ needs.

If you are searching for Houston electricity companies with no deposit, we have provided the best rates of our partnering energy providers.

Now you can easily compare Houston energy rates from top electricity providers.

Shop the best electricity rates. Compare cheap electricity rates from trusted Houston retail electricity providers and get the best plan that fits your needs.

Quick and easy signup. Once you have made your choice, sign up online. If you would like to know more, talk to our energy experts.

Switch to the new plan and start saving. Switch to the new cost-effective electricity plan in Houston and start saving now.

Don’t just pick just any low rate energy company, but make an informed decision by browsing through the many plans we have to offer based on your needs.

For example, as a residential customer, you mostly pay more money per kilowatt-hour (kWh) as compared to commercial customers. As a small family, a month-to-month contract will be ideal for a more temporary living situation with the electricity needs of one or two people.

Next, consider if you have a large family or a permanent living situation. You can then sign up for an extended contract that provides stable pricing along with security and predictability.

Besides, some electricity providers offer extra benefits like a free weekend or night-free plans.

Be sure to look into unique plans and low energy rates by comparing the best Houston electricity prices on Shop Texas Electricity.

Factors at Play

Factors that Affect Electricity Plans in Houston

Here are some factors that affect reasonable electricity rates in Houston.


Heating and cooling demands in the summer and winter are more in Houston, and hence you see an increase in electricity demand. As consumers use more electricity, this leads to increased energy rates.


Electricity costs for each state may differ due to the differences in population size, service areas, ease of transmission, and more. Hence you may want to compare and shop electricity plans.

Fuel Cost

The type of fuel used to generate electricity is different in various power plants. If the fuel cost is more than the rates of the generated electricity, companies may make adjustments so that the system can support itself.

Transmission & Distribution

The ease of transmission and utility distribution equipment used also impact the electricity rates. For proper operations, constant maintenance is required. Costs of repairs and upgrades also reflect in the electricity rates charged to the consumers.

State Regulations

Most states in the US have similar policies and regulations for the supply of electricity. But some states may have fully regulated prices, unregulated prices, or both.

How to Choose

Find a Houston Energy Provider with Best Electricity Rates

Choosing the right energy provider in Houston comes down to understanding your average electricity consumption.

Look at your previous electricity bills and the plan you are currently using. Note down during which periods your electricity bill spikes and calculate the average kilowatt-hour consumption.

Now compare the best electricity rates by considering these factors:

EFL Document
EFL Document

Electricity facts label (EFL) of a plan gives information about its pricing structure, and the terms of service will be displayed. Other details include contract terms, cancelation fees, and percentage of the energy plan powered from renewable sources.

Compare your calculations to the details of that gives you what you want.

Fixed Pricing
Fixed Pricing

For a permanent living situation and homeowners, or businesses with a long-term lease, the fixed pricing model will be ideal. Your electricity rate remains stable throughout your contract period rather than fluctuating every month.

These plans offer protection and stability from energy prices spikes.

Variable Pricing
Variable Pricing

For short-term lease options or people in a temporary living arrangement or apartments, variable rates are perfect as you only pay the market price. This means, whenever there is a price drop in the electricity rates, you can take advantage of the fluctuations.

Owing to the short period contracts, you can cancel without paying any extra fees.

Contract Term Length
Contract Term Length

Locked-in plans that are long-term contract plans are an optimal choice if you are looking for stability in pricing. However, you will face an early termination fee if you want to switch to a new low-cost plan before the contract time is up.

On the other hand, no-contract plans have no cancellation fees and allow you to switch to a better deal at any time.

Average Usage
Average Usage

Depending on the home size or your business requirements, your average monthly usage differs. In our all-inclusive pricing plans from the different electricity providers, you can check the best rates for your average monthly energy consumption.

Shop for low energy rates on Shop Texas Electricity and choose a plan for your specific usage level.

Know Your Options

Shopping for Texas Electricity Plans

Among the many options you have, there are many options for electricity rate plans in Houston.

Houston Green Energy Options

The city of Houston is leading in the production and usage of renewable energy, with 92 percent of its power coming from wind and solar energy. If you are interested in getting sustainable and renewable energy for your home, there is good news for you.

Converting sunlight and wind energy into direct current, we present several green energy plans to power your home and appliances without installing any equipment at your place.

Houston Residential Energy Plans

There is no “one size fits all” policy when it comes to choosing your energy rates. Understand the different home energy plans for various sizes of residences. Otherwise, you may end up overpaying. Homes may average from 1000-2000 kWh per month usage levels. For apartments, rather than shopping for electricity rates for higher usage amount, select the 500-kWh home size setting and review your options.

Electricity for Houston Businesses

Usually, commercial electricity rates in Houston are lower than residential rates. However, businesses pay an additional charge to the Transmission and Distribution Utility, based on their peak demand. Several top electricity providers reach out to companies by offering personalized energy options to suit their specific needs. Whether you are a small or medium business or a large company, get matched with the best business electricity rates to choose from, in a matter of minutes.

Power Outage in Houston?

Contact CenterPoint Energy

CenterPoint Energy is the transmission and distribution service provider that manages the utility infrastructure in the city of Houston. While retail electricity providers sell the energy rates to Houston consumers, CenterPoint Energy delivers the supply of electricity.

In case the power goes out, you need to report to your Houston TDSP, not electricity providers.

Report the power outage on
CenterPoint Energy Electric Outage Center

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Getting electricity is now faster and much more accessible. Get same-day power with smart meters that can be activated within 2 hours of the request.

Before you choose a provider, make sure you check the EFL document that contains all the essential information about your electricity plan.

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Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.