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These live rates for (TDSP) service area were updated on (May 27, 2020 at 7:25 AM CST). Pricing shown is based on an exact usage of 1000 kWh.


Texas is vast, and not just in its size and population, but it is huge in terms of the energy choice the residents get to enjoy. It also has the best business ecosystems in the country, making it a commercial haven for both budding startups and established enterprises. Texas energy deregulation allows retail energy suppliers to compete for the attention of its residents. As a result, you have the power to choose the best energy rates.

Today, more than 85% of Texas territories have a deregulated energy market. This means that if you are unhappy with your current supplier, you can easily switch electric companies in Texas. Or, if you are moving to Texas, you can exercise your power to choose.

However, even seasoned electricity shoppers also have trouble sifting through the numerous electric companies, discovering the best energy plans among the wealth of information available, and finding the lowest electric rates.

Don’t worry! We can make your switch more comfortable by providing the best energy rates from top electricity providers by address.

Start your cheap rate plan search by entering your Zip code.

Competitive Energy Rates

Finding Competitive Energy Rates in Texas Now Made Easy

If you are wondering how to navigate the tedious process of finding the best plans and comparing top electricity suppliers, let us ease your mind.

Finding an electric plan that best suits your needs can be done in a matter of minutes. Try our simple online tool that can return your search results with the best possible matches for your situation.

Compare and Shop Electricity Rates

The first step in your shopping process is to enter your Zip code to find the best electricity rates to choose from. Remember that there is no single plan that works for everyone’s unique needs. Check out the diverse list of multiple plans from top-rated electric companies.

Filter Your Search

You can compare energy rates by narrowing down your search. Use our filtering feature to find the product or plan type that meets your specific requirements. With a couple of clicks, you can scan the best energy plans.

Sign Up

When you have compared electricity rates, and selected a competitive energy pricing, enroll with that company and get a reliable connection in no time.

Texas Electricity Rates

Compare Texas Electricity Rates by kWh Usage

Finding cheap electricity rates is not just about what’s displayed on the plan’s information. Most energy suppliers offer the best prices based on minimum usage requirements. However, that may not be your average power consumption.

Whether you use 500 kWh or 1000 kWh on average, that should be the standard to calculate. So, it is crucial that you compare kWh rates for electricity to choose a suitable energy plan from a power company and make the switch.

How to Compare

Electricity Plans: Texas Energy Options

For all your electrical needs, there is an ideal energy plan. The best Texas energy providers have a variety of unique plans that fall under these categories:

Fixed Rate Plans
Fixed Rate Plans

The unit price for electricity remains the same for your entire contract duration. The fixed rate electricity plans in Texas are usually the cheapest since you lock in the best prices when you switch. They offer protection against supplier’s electricity price hikes but carry a cancellation fee if you exit early.

Prepaid Electricity Plans
Prepaid Electricity Plans

You can pre-purchase electricity and power your home without getting a shocking bill every month. The month to month electricity no deposit no prepaid plans come at a set price, but if you exceed the usage limit and forget to update or top-up, it could be a problem.

Green Energy Plans
Green Energy Plans

For the environmentally-conscious Texas residents, many renewable energy providers in Texas offer lucrative rates. The cost of renewable energy may be a bit more than traditional sources, but going green and opting for sustainable power that helps the planet may be a bigger benefit in itself.

Variable Rate Plans
Variable Rate Plans

Many people wonder if fixed or variable electricity is better; the main difference between them is that, for variable rate plans, the electricity price may vary at your energy supplier’s discretion. They also come at a higher price, but you can exit the plan halfway without paying an early termination fee.

Texas Electricity Rates

Will Texas Electricity Rates Go Up Every Year?

Increased peak summer demand plus decreased power generation equals higher electricity prices - always! There is no doubt about that.

Take, for example, the recent heat wave in the state, which caused the Texas power grid ERCOT to announce the first level emergency alert. In the end, we could all escape massive power outages, but the fact is that we witnessed ERCOT record prices.

Although this year’s ERCOT operating reserves have been increased by 2%, the projected electricity prices in 2020 (peak electricity use forecast of 2,000 megawatts) indicate the same pattern.

As summer is nearing, we are close to an increase in wholesale electric rates in Texas. Furthermore, three large coal-fired generating plants have been shut down. So, now, it is all the more crucial to lock in the best rates before we see another Texas energy crisis.

If you are still confused about how to choose electricity provider, use our online tool to help you with the power rate comparison.

Texas Electricity Product

What to Look for in Texas Electricity Product Listings

Finding the best and light companies in Texas and low rate energy plans is now just a click away. Before you choose a plan, consider:

Top Ranking Electricity Providers

After entering your Zip code, your screen fills up with a list of plans from the best energy providers with whom we have partnered. According to the ranking of each product, look at the suitable plans.

Product Rate and Details

The devil is in the details; so are the savings. Every Texas electricity plan comes with an Electricity Facts Label, commonly known as the EFL document, where you find the plan terms of service. Use an EFL calculator to estimate your bill and compare energy rate vs average rate.

Contract Length and Perks Offered

The term length of a plan could range from one month to five years, depending on what you select. Many providers offer cheap month to month electricity no contract, and there are some electric companies that waive deposits. Take advantage of a no deposit electricity free weekends plan and reduce energy bills.

Electricity for Sustainable Energy

Green Electricity for Sustainable Energy Solutions

Texas is a state that is in a leading position in power generation from renewables. Recently, it has surpassed its own sustainability goals and the wind power of California.

If you plan on going green(er), then there are many clean energy providers in Texas. Wondering about your plan and ask yourself how much of my electricity is renewable? Find out from your EFL document.

Some plans may come with higher costs of eco-friendliness, but not to worry! The renewable energy price trends indicate a major shift in the steep price tags. Green power options range from the bare minimum to all the way up to 100%. And by going all-out and choosing 100% green options, you can get competitive energy rates.

As opposed to traditional energy sources, your power to choose alternative electricity solutions allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and the disastrous impact on the environment. With these alternative energy plans, you can get more energy-saving opportunities and reduce your utility costs.

Compare Electricity Rates

Commercial Electricity Rates

Texas Commercial Electricity Rates for Business Customers

Texas is home to thousands of thriving businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small or local companies. As you may know, the usage of electricity for residential and commercial use differs greatly. And commercial energy rates are much lower than that of the residential sector.

If you are a business owner trying to be successful in the Lone Star state, then you must reduce your energy bills. The lighting energy use in commercial buildings is much higher when compared to a home or apartment, and so you must choose an electric provider that can cater to your energy needs and offer a reasonable pricing structure.

Exercise your power to choose a business electric company today!

Enter the Zip code of your location and find cheap business electricity rates.

Power Your Home

Power Your Home with Low Rate Energy Plans and Start Paying Small Electric Bills

Even if you follow the best ways to save energy costs, there is one more thing you can do - go on our site and find residential electric companies near me.

Stop debating when is the best time to switch energy providers or looking at the reasons for the high electricity prices summer vs winter. Instead, understand that Texas wholesale electricity prices also tend to fluctuate based on various other factors like fuel costs or government policies.

So, the best time to compare power plans is now. Choose the best home or apartment electricity plans and get rid of abnormally high electric bills.

Compare Electricity Rates

Same Day Electricity

Get Same Day Electricity with a Texas Energy Plan That Fits Your Needs

At Shop Texas Electricity, we strive to serve the energy consumers of the state by providing excellent electricity rates that suit their needs.

We know how difficult it is to pore over dozens of plans that may or may not match your usage levels. With our tool, we made it easy to compare and shop affordable energy solutions.

Seize your power to choose with our ultimate search tool to compare electricity providers by Zip code.

1 Discover the best plans.

2 Compare the lowest rates.

3 Choose an energy provider.

4 Signup with a cheap light company.

5 Save huge bucks on electric bills.

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6 What to Look for in Texas Electricity Product Listings

7 Green Electricity for Sustainable Energy Solutions

8 Texas Commercial Electricity Rates for Business Customers

9 Power Your Home with Low Rate Energy Plans and Start Paying Small Electric Bills

10 Get Same Day Electricity with a Texas Energy Plan That Fits Your Needs


Average usage and prices vary by customer and TDSP and are subject to change.