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Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountain Energy Services is one of the top electricity providers in the country and was founded in August 1997 in Vermont "to change the way power is made". The company moved headquarters to its current location in Austin, Texas in September 2000.

Green Mountain Energy is a pioneer in the renewable energy field and is one of the most trusted companies selling Renewable Energy Certificates and carbon offsets. It offers residential, business, institutional and governmental customers, the choice to support cleaner electricity generated from sources such as wind, solar, water, geothermal, biomass and natural gas. Since their inception, Green Mountain has developed over 40 new wind and solar facilities across the nation that is making a huge difference.

Green Mountain offers its customers more than just a choice in electricity providers. They offer them the opportunity to make a difference for the environment by supporting cleaner, renewable sources of energy instead of limited and polluting fossil fuels. All this is available to their customers without having to compromise on the price, reliability and customer care. Green Mountain provides them electric service at competitive rates with the added benefit of helping the environment. They provide 100% renewable electricity products with the same reliability and outstanding customer service as any other electric provider. 

The company's renewable energy facilities have been responsible for avoiding the use of more than 11.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide, which is a primary contributor to global warming. Green Mountain Energy is committed to improving the environment through the products they sell and the way they conduct business.