Electricity Rates in Dallas from Several Electricity providers in Texas Dallas

A few years before the Republic of Texas was officially annexed by the United States in 1845, John Neely Bryan already established a permanent settlement in what was then called Dallas and was probably named after U.S. Vice President George Mifflin Dallas who was serving then under James Knox Polk. The area was formally incorporated as a city in 1856 to become the third largest city in the state of Texas, and later to become the ninth largest city in the whole of the United States.

Dallas is a major economic hub in Texas and is home to several Fortune 500 companies engaged in banking, commerce, computer technology, energy, telecommunications, and transportation. The city is subdivided into various sections including urban centers characterized by shopping centers, large and small business centers, restaurants and nightlife. Other sections feature high-rise home and residential apartments and commercial centers.

Water is pulled from several area reservoirs and is maintained by Dallas Water Utilities, which also operates the city’s waste water treatment plants. A good number of companies own and operate the telephone networks, cable television, and broadband internet systems. The city’s electricity is serviced and maintained by several Dallas electric companies operating under an energy deregulated market. Dallas residents have the power to choose their Retail Electric Provider.

Since the implementation of energy deregulation in Texas, many Dallas residents have already switched amongst the many competing Retail Electric Providers to get significant savings on their power bills. While the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider, or what residents know as their local wire company, continues to maintain the actual wires and poles the delivers electricity to their homes, the Retail Electric Providers is responsible for customer service and billing Dallas residents.

Existing residents have the option to stay or change their retail providers that compete for consumer subscription through various incentives like cash savings, movie tickets or even free travel. New residents and business establishments in Dallas are free to choose energy providers that will service their needs among the various reputable electric companies that have been in business since energy deregulation was put in place.